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College Football Starting Back-up. What Can WVU Fans Look For?

With the States starting to reopen businesses and college athletics being a big part of the revenue  for cities and States I look to see college athletics to start returning to campus. WVU HC Brown has already mentioned the ‘Climb’ in an interview. I, for one, am looking very much forward to the 2020 collegiate […]
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WVU Football – Opinions

Since the end of the 2019 Football Season, WVU fans have witnessed a few coaching changes, but the more disturbing thing to me, has been all the WVU players who entered the Transfer Portal. Of all those who entered the portal, I hated to see Trey Lowe III go the most. I was looking forward […]
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Why WVU needs Lowe III as QB

It was miserable watching WVU play Missouri. The offense couldn’t pass or run the ball, and the defense can’t tackle. The last time I saw a WVU team this bad Dana Holgorsen was the coach, and I think WVU only won 2 or 3 games that year. WVU needs a QB that can play fast […]
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WVU Fans Lets All Get On The Coach Neal “Motown” Brown Train

WVU fans I have listened to and watched every video on new head football coach Neal ‘Motown’ Brown. The more I have done this the more excited I have become about the future of WVU football. This young exciting coach is going to be fun to watch. I saw where a parent of one of […]
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EERs Nation Lets All Wecome WVU’s New HC Neal ‘Motown’ Brown

Someone posted a comment about WVU’s New HC and referred to him as ‘Motown Brown’. I like it, and I hope it sticks. Now if Coach Brown also sings, he has nickname to go with it, and if he doesn’t sing, oh well, he still has a cool nickname. During his 8 years as HC […]
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How WVU’s Offense Will Change If Jack Allison Is Quarterback

If Holgorsen makes Jack Allison WVU’s starting QB, for WVU to be successful the Air Raid Offense has to change to a Wildcat Offense, the Run-Pass-Option (RPO) and Zone Reads are no longer viable plays, for defenses won’t fall for them because Allison is not a Dual-Threat. This also doesn’t fare well for Trey Lowe […]
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WVU Football – Redshirt Seniors, Seniors, NFL

Right now is a busy time at WVU with new recruits coming in, coaches out recruiting trying to fill the 7 remaining scholarships and seeing walk-on players, seniors graduating, players preparing for a shot in the NFL. And it could get busier if Holgorsen does leave. One Redshirt Junior is joining the list of Seniors […]
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What WVU Fans Learned With WVU 18 – 34 Loss to Syracuse

What WVU fans learned is that Jack Allison is not WVU’s QB of the future. Even the announcers were saying this. Allison isn’t mobile. He doesn’t throw to receivers, he throws at them. Some fans were saying “give Allison a chance for he hadn’t thrown a pass in 3 years”. And to this, I say […]
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WVU Road to the 2018 NCAA Play-offs

For WVU to have a guaranteed seat at the table for the College playoffs, then WVU must first beat Oklahoma State and then Oklahoma, and Iowa State must beat Texas this Saturday and Kansas State the following week. Should this happen then WVU and Iowa State will play in the Big 12 Championship game. If […]
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How Successful Can WVU be in 2015?

The growth and improvement this team makes over the next 4 1/2 months will determine whether WVU has a 5–7 or 9–3 season.