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WVU Must Win Out

In order for the Mountaineers to win or tie for the Big 12 Conference title, they must win out. Texas will be the toughest of the last 4 Big 12 opponents. You can bet the Texas coaches are showing the hit former WVU Safety Karl Joseph put on a Texas player knocking him out, nor have […]
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Howard Leads WVU Past Kansas

WVU bounces back after losing to Oklahoma State to crush Kansas 48 – 21. As I have written before, WVU QB Skylar Howard is one tough hombre. His two big runs and his breath-taking flight through the air excited both players and fans. While he was the goat last week, he was definitely the hero […]
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WVU QB Skyler Howard: Love – Respect?

WVU QB Skyler Howard recently stated that WV didn’t feel like home for he got booed more in Morgantown than he did away. Whether you are a WVU football fan or not, you have to love Skyler Howard’s guts, fortitude and drive. Howard’s a gamer. He’ll play hurt and he gives his all on every […]
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Questions From WVU’s Loss in Stillwater

I don’t know about you, but the game in Stillwater had me questioning some coaching decisions: WVU RB Rushel Shell is the biggest of the RBs at 5’10”, 225. The big back with proven game experience is Eli Wellman at 6’1″, 240. My question is why wasn’t Wellman used to do some of the pound-and-ground […]
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No Big 12 Championship for Mountaineers

The WVU Mountaineers traveled to Stillwater, OK ranked 10th in the AP poll, and after their lackluster performance in a losing effort will most likely fall out of the Top 20. WVU 20 – OSU – 37 The game started with WR Jovon Durante dropping a pass that was in his hands. WVU QB Skyler […]
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Why Is WVU Getting So Little Respect?

The ‘EERs Prove Kirk Herbstreit and ESPN Gameday Wrong Again

Yesterday morning I got up, had breakfast and got ready for WVU football. Since the ‘EERs were wearing blue jerseys, I put on my blue WVU #35. Yes, my Owen Schmitt jersey. I try to wear the same color jersey the players do each week. Then I turned on the TV to ESPN Gameday. As […]
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WVU Gaining Some Respect

WVU Corrals the Red Raiders Offense

Is the Big 12 Really In Trouble?

Is the Big 12 in trouble as a conference and headed towards its demise?  Just as you cannot reasonably predict the long term success of a school like the University of Houston based upon one or two seasons, you cannot evaluate an entire conference based upon such a short time frame. Not the PAC 12 from the disappointing […]
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