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WVU Going Into 2017


WVU Finishes Season 10 – 3

All day at work people asked me if I thought WVU would beat Miami. My response was, ‘it depends on how well WVU QB, Skyler Howard plays, and Howard has to complete over 60% of his passes. Though Howard completed 17 of 26 passes for 65%, he didn’t play all that well. He missed what […]
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Gibby’s DAWGS Key to WVU Finishing 10 – 2

If you are a WVU football fan you have to be proud of the 2016 Mountaineers. A lot of people including myself thought WVU would win no more than 7 or 8 games. Many of us felt this way due to all the talent WVU lost on defense. D.C. Tony Gibson proved us all wrong. WVU […]
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WVU Can Not Afford to Lose Holgorsen and His Staff

Dana Holgorsen’s tenure as WVU’s Head Coach has been rocky to say the least, and it was a messy start to begin with. Former WVU athletic director Oliver Luck hired Holgorsen as the head coach in waiting under then Head Coach Bill Stewart. Things quickly went down hill, and I don’t want rehash that mess. The […]
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WVU Bounces Back From OU Loss

The Mountaineers bounced back from the Sooner loss to beat the Iowa State Cyclones 49 – 19. Depth at receiver and running back were key to WVU’s win over Iowa State. Holgorsen burned freshman Martell Pettaway’s redshirt against ISU and it proved to be a game changer. Pettaway had 30 carries for 181 yards, caught 1 […]
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WVU’s Loss To OU Was A Team Loss

After watching the Mountaineers 56 – 28 loss to the Sooners last night I had so much going through my head, that I needed to sleep on it. This morning I have yet to read any articles or listen to any interviews. The WVU football players loss this game. Head Coach Dana Holgorsen nor his […]
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If WVU Can Win Over The Sooners

If WVU can win over the Sooners like Houston beat Louisville, they deserve to be a Top 5 team in the College Football Playoff rankings. Any one who knows me has heard me talk about Clemson and Louisville being over rated. Clemson’s 3 close games and eventual loss to Pitt, and Louisville’s loss to Clemson and Houston […]
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No One Picking WVU Over OU

When you listen to the analysts and look at the bowl rankings it is obvious that the Big 12 and particularly WVU aren’t getting much love. In the Football Playoff Rankings there are 7 teams ahead of WVU that have an 8 – 2 record and 1 team with a 7 – 3 record. When […]
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