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WVU Football – Can They Build On the Loss?

By George O’Bryan – I almost titled this, WVU Loses to ‘Bama, but instead I want to look at the positives and the negatives of the game. WVU hung in with Alabama the first 3-quarters, but as happened so often last season they let it get away from them in the 4th quarter. Trickett looked […]
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WVU Football – Confidence

I just finished listening to a series of the most recent player interviews, and they are not lacking in confidence this season. These players believe in themselves, their back-ups, and most importantly they believe they can beat Alabama.

WVU Football – Are the Mountaineers Cupcakes?

If I was a Mountaineer coach or player and heard ESPN calling us a ‘cupcake game’ for Alabama, I would be highly motivated on Aug 30th in the Georgia Dome to show the world that WVU can play with anyone.

Why WVU Will Beat Alabama

(Republished from July) By: George O’Bryan / Nearly every sports writer and sports analyst in America is belittling WVU: Alabama will beat WVU by 21-points Alabama will beat WVU by 28-points WVU will win only 3-games this season WVU will win only 4-games this season If WVU is lucky and can get a few breaks […]
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WVU FOOTBALL – What Alabama Can’t Simulate

I would be curious to learn which team is doing more to prepare for the Chick-fil-a Bowl, Alabama or WVU. It will be easier for WVU to simulate Alabama than for Alabama to simulate WVU. The reason is, Alabama can’t simulate the following: WVU’s fast tempo offense The speed of WVU’s offense RBs and WRs […]
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WVU vs Alabama – Trickett vs Coker

The media is billing the WVU vs Alabama Game in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl as Clint Trickett vs Jacob Coker, due both being Florida State transfers. Since many believe that Coker is the ‘savior’ for Bama’s 2014 football team, let us do a little comparison of our own: Trickett remained ahead of Coker on the FSU’s depth […]
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