WVU QB Doege Struggles In 20 – 17 Win Over TCU

WVU QB Jarrett Doege

QB Jarrett Doege started his WVU career as a seasoned player. WVU won the 1st two games Doege started, and then lost to Oklahoma U. Doege played well in these 3 games, and had no Interceptions. Though WVU won, Doege threw 3 interception against TCU and had his lowest completion percentage of his 4 games at 58%. Doege struggled this day throwing his deep ball.

On this day, Doege held on to the ball way too long – way too often. His sacks costed WVU 17 yards.  We didn’t see the quick release we had seen the past 3 weeks, nor did we see Doege’s ability to extend plays as we had seen in the previous games.

I am sure many fans and sports writers already have Doege as WVU’s starting QB for 2020. I don’t think Doege has guaranteed himself anything. I do believe QB Austin Kendall is done, except maybe for a back-up roll. I look for WVU’s QB situation to get all jumbled up by spring, for HC Brown will sign a QB or 2. Also, QB Trent Jackson, and QB Trey Lowe III now have a year in Brown’s offense, and have been working with the practice squad. If anything, Doege will be challenged for the starting job, and playing like he did against TCU won’t win the job.

WVU needs to replace or back-fill a few positions on defense, but the area that needs the most improvement in 2020 is the offensive line. Holgorsen left the offensive line worse than he found it, and HC Brown has had no choice but do the best he could with what he had. The play of the OL is one reason WVU struggled running the ball.

If you listen to Coach Brown, he has several areas of improvement for 2020. The run game,  and kick & punt return games are top of the list. Some of the positions Coach Brown will be hoping to fill, Tight-End, Cornerback, Defensive End, Linebacker, Offensive Line, Safety, etc.

2020, will be the first rebuilding classes for Coach Brown and his staff. Good news is that WV, PA, & KY should have enough big ole talented country boys to fill his O-Line needs. There are a few Redshirt Seniors that still have a year of eligibility, such as Jeffrey Pooler, who could return to WVU and play one more year. I hope Pooler returns for another year, for he has played well this season. Hopefully other Redshirt Seniors return to WVU for one more season.

GO EERs!!! And GOOD Luck to ALL the SENIORs!!!

One thought on “WVU QB Doege Struggles In 20 – 17 Win Over TCU

  1. He didn’t win the first two games he started. He only started in 3 games. He won the first one, lost the second one, then won the last one.

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