No Bowl Game For WVU This Season

HC Neal Brown : “Trust the Climb”

WVU football had a rough season. It started off with a coaching change, and then several players including last year players entered the NCAA Transfer Portal. Next came injuries, and just when coaches and fans thought the transferring had settled down it raised its sorry ole head again.

I have seen articles blasting WVU NEW Coach Neal Brown for the 4 – 7 season. Many Sports Writers and fans didn’t like starting QB Austin Kendall. They wanted Trey Lowe III or Jarrett Doege at QB. They disagreed with some of the play calling as well. While I agree with fans and writers over who the starting QB was, I also agree with Coach Brown on what were the major contributors were to WVUs 7 losses.

WVU has struggled the past several years with putting together a solid offensive-line. We have seen this every year since the 2012 football season. Yes, these guys have played well at times, but the overall consistency was never there. This shows up in QB sacks and hurries, and run game stats. Against Oklahoma State, this past Saturday, WVU attempted to ran the ball 22 times and gained only 26 yards. They couldn’t punch the ball in from the 6-in line. Twice WVU got this close to scoring a TD and couldn’t punch it in. You are not going to win many games if you can’t do this.

Doege completed 28 of 38 passes for a 0.736% completion percentage and 307 yards, but it was those drops in critical situations that hurt WVU.  I have to give Doege a big pat on the back for he stood-in the pocket and took some huge hits. The other thing I like about Doege is he can find his target even when running with the ball.

WVU defense also struggled this day allowing the Cowboys to rush the ball 37 times for 89 yards. Being out rushed by 63 yards and not being able to punch the ball in from the 6-inch line had a lot to do with WVUs 13 – 20 loss.

With recruiting, new coaches and players, we should hope to see a majorly improved team for 2020.  I like the direction I see this team going. I hope, as I’m sure many of you do, that WVU wins the Big 12, and finally beats Oklahoma. I am still waiting to see if WVU finds a 6’+, 250lb+ RB, and WVU needs some 6’6” to 7’1”, and 260+ TEs that can catch.

My Biggest hope today, is WVU goes to Texas and beats TCU. If WVU can win this season they will finish the season 5 – 7.

GO EERs!!!

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