WVU Must Win Out For A Bowl Bid

HC Neal Brown : “Trust the Climb”

Saturday’s loss to TTU was a team loss. The WVU defense that played so well against Baylor never took the field against TTU. Special Teams which had steadily been showing improvement took several steps back. The offense should now be called the “AW-Fense”, for fans are now sleeping in the stands, waiting for a WVU offense to walk onto the field.

No amount of practice is going to help Austin Kendall for he doesn’t have what it takes to be a QB at any level. Kendall’s decision making is horrible. When Kendall throws a deep ball he has to get his whole body into it. Kendall can’t lead a receiver or throw a receiver open. He is sluggish with his feet. His passes are late and he telegraphs his throws. I realize Coach Brown has known the Kendall family for years, but he needs to cut the apron strings. Brown can not allow his friendship with the Kendalls to hurt his career or to keep hurting the WVU football team. Austin and his family need to admit he isn’t much of an athlete and move on.

I’ll admit WVU’s receivers have done little to help Austin. Dropped pass after dropped pass, fumbles, bad route running, and not willing to fight for the football, made Austin look much worse than he was. Ball placement is huge in a football game, and Kendall has yet to learn this. Kendall is slow on his feet and doesn’t do well running the ball.

Jarrett Doege comes in with a reputation of being a hell of a FSC QB. We saw some of that in the 4th qtr against TTU. Doege has a much quicker release; he does a much better job of anticipating; he is quicker with his feet; and he doesn’t have to lurch his whole body forward to throw the deep ball. Doege can hit a receiver while moving, for he is athletic and sees the field. I have also seen these same traits in Trey Lowe III, and I believe Lowe is faster.

WVU receivers need to work harder catching passes from Doege, for his passes come in faster and quicker. This means they need to anticipate where Doege is going with the ball, just as Doege anticipates the point in their route they will be open to get them them ball.

Lowe also needs game experience. Doege has game experience from his FSC playing days. Lowe has an awesome skill set that he has yet been allowed to showcase at WVU.

WVU currently sets at 3-wins and 6-losses. They must win out and go 6 – 6 to be Bowl Eligible.

I hope we have seen the last of Kendall. Many of Kendall’s interception were due to him locking in on a receiver and defenders reading his eyes.

I’ll be watching the WVU vs Oklahoma State game. I hope Doege starts at QB and Trey Lowe is his back-up, and maybe, just maybe, Lowe can get in a full quarter of work.

GO EERs!!!

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