WVU Lost to Baylor, But Baylor Knew They Were In A Game

I was extremely impressed with WVU’s Defense and Special Teams last night. My kin folk around Ieager may have heard me yelling when George Campbell caught a pass and took it 83 yards to the house, and then again when Winston Wright took a Kick Return 95 yards to the house. My yelling I know startled one of our cats.

WVU’s Defense may not have been perfect, but it played one hell of a game. The Stills brothers accounted for 12 tackles of which 5 were sacks. Dylan Tonkery had 4 tackles, 3 solo; Reese Donahue had 3 tackles, 2 solo; Dante Bonamico had 2 tackles; 2 solo. The reason I broke these players out is that are all born and raise in West By God Virginia. These are home growns and they played their hearts out. I am proud of everyone one of them, and let me tell you each of these players laid the wood to a Baylor back when they tackled. I don’t think Holgorsen ever had a defense that could do goal line stand like these kids did against Baylor, except for the year they beat Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

WVU hasn’t had Special Teams play like they did against Baylor, in years. I was very impressed with everything except the blocked field goal late in the 4th.

WVU’s offensive line struggled in both run and pass protection. It was obvious to me that WVU’s receivers are scared to catch the football. I have seen this before. They think if the don’t catch it, they won’t be tackled or hit. Guess what they get hit anyway. Now they maybe thinking I’ll transfer out. Go ahead, but who would want speedy receiver who can’t catch, and no pro group wants you either, and I don’t care how talented you are, nor does any college. Suck it up buttercups, catch the ball, and make the play, or go else where and give someone not afraid to catch the ball the opportunity to succeed in life. Receivers who want to play football make the catch, they’ll fight for the ball. They learn how to block out defenders, so they can catch it. They become excellent route runners, thus when the play is over they walk off the field holding their head high.

This receiving core is the pits, for they don’t try to catch the ball. Guys, I hate to tell you, but stick-em is no longer allowed, and don’t I think velcro on the balls and your jersey is allowed. This is no longer two-hand touch or flag football. This is tackle football, a contact sport, so either catch the dam ball or go home. I am sure there are receivers, maybe less talented than you, but they aren’t afraid to catch the fall or even block. You boys have had over half a season to learn to catch a ball, but you show no desire to make a catch. It is time for each of you to start catching the ball or go home. You are a disgrace to your teammates and the uniform you are wearing.

I am not going to blame what I saw tonight on the QB Kendall for he threw some of his best balls of the season. In fact Kendall played his best game of the season, but he had no help from the rest of you, especially the Center. I’ve seen bad snaps like this before from a Center. These snaps come from the fear he is about to be set on his ass. This is no different than receivers not catching the ball.

What Coach Brown may want to do is go find players who aren’t afraid to be hit and/or tackled and though they may not have your size or skill, they aren’t cowards. Give these guys your scholarships. I know there is some home growns that would love to wear the Blue and Gold and have a college scholarship. Perhaps after the season is over Coach Brown will have an open camp for Home Growns, and let you boys play against them. Remember these are the sons of coal miners, loggers, and farmers. They are tough and mean, and many are quite big. They didn’t get their muscles in a gym, they got from working.

I hope the WVU receivers read this and it makes them madder-than-hell. Perhaps then you’ll either start catching the ball or leave, so the coaches can find players who want to play for WVU and who aren’t scared to catch the ball.

Good Luck Coach Brown! I bet you can find some good linemen and receivers at Riverside and Mountview HSs in McDowell Co, and at Bluefield HS and Princeton HS in Mercer County, Pineville HS in Wyoming Co. the reason I mention these schools, Gordon Lamber, Bob Gresham, Dave Edwards, all from McDowell County and all played at WVU. Then there was Curt Warner from Pineville, who played for the Seahawks for years. No, Warner never played for WVU.

GO EERs!!!


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