Coach Brown Needs Empathy After WVU’s Loss to Iowa State

WVU’s first points of the game thanks to Safety Tykee Smith:

Still in the first quarter Austin Kendall goes out with a chest injury, and is replaced by Miami transfer Jack Allison. Allison played well the 1st half. WVU and Iowa were close at half time in total offense. With the scored tied at 14, WVU had 145 yards of offense to Iowa States 149 yards.

WVU finished the game with 190 yards of offense to Iowa State’s 372. As you can see WVU did nothing in the 2nd half – putting up no points and lost the game 38 – 14. Allison completed 18 of 24 passes for 140 yards. T.J. Simmons caught a pass for 27 yards and it was the longest pass of the evening. Simmons caught 5 passes for a total of 75 yards, and was the leading receiver. WVU rushed the ball 28 times for 41 yards.

WVU looked pretty good in the first half, but never showed up in the 2nd. There appears to be a lot of injuries on the team. This affects the team production and output. You could tell by Coach Brown’s voice that he was really down. He was definitely felling dejected. I felt sorry for him.

Myself and others feel that Trey Lowe III is the better choice for QB. I have watched Lowe’s videos. He is what Kendall and Allison aren’t and that is a running QB. He can throw on the run, and he can throw it deep. With Kendall we’d see a few passes forced deep, with Allison there were no deep passes, and both these QBs telegraph their passes, which allow defenders to break on the ball.

It was good to see the TEs finally getting involved in the passing game.

WVU needs a QB who is a threat running the ball, and who can hit the deep pass. In the spring game Lowe was running right and saw an open receiver on the other side and hit him in stride with the ball. Lowe is accurate even when running with the ball. Lowe has shown he has better ball placement. Lowe needs a shot, plus any experience this year will help him get ready for next year.

If WVU gets any of the QB they have offers out to, Kendall and Allison won’t be starting anyway, and if Lowe doesn’t get a shot at the starting job who could blame him for transferring out.

Something has to turn this team around. As it looks WVU will finish the season with 3 wins and 9 losses. The OL can not run block!

Good Luck against Oklahoma!!!

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