What Did the Loss to Texas Prove?

WVU QB: Austin Kendall

WVU’s loss to Texas University proved at least these two things and that is Austin Kendall is not a running QB, and (2) he telegraphs his passes. The fans in the stands knew where Kendall was throwing the ball 1 to 2 seconds before he released it. The guy beside me timed this, and he knew the ball was going 1.3 seconds before Kendall threw it.

And what is this running play to the left. Both teams move to WVU’s including the ball carrier and all this for a couple of yards, leaving the right-side of the field wide-open. I thought I read or heard WVU was going to throw the ball deep, but I never really saw this, and even if we attempted a deep pass, I don’t think Kendall could get it to a deep receiver. It is all Kendall can do to throw the ball 40-yards. Kendall can’t stretch the pocket, nor can he run with the ball.

WVU’s best quarter was the 1st quarter. WVU’s D stopped the Texas running game. After this the LBs and Safeties failed to come up and fill the gaps, and even as a group they couldn’t tackle. The Texas OL would get behind their ball carrier and push him forward for 5 or more yards. You never saw this from WVU’s OL probably because everyone was running left and no one ever carried the ball right.

Too bad stick-em can’t be used, for the WVU receivers could use a case or two of it.

WVU how has 3 Wins and 2 Losses, and 7 more games to play. After watching the loss to Texas, it will be hard for WVU to win another game. What I’d would have liked to have seen Saturday (and many other fans were hoping for the same) was to see Trey Lowe III get a couple quarters of playing time. Trey can stretch the pocket, he can run down hill, and he is an accurate passer. He just needs game time. Else, burn Doege’s redshirt and play him.

The worse play call in the game was a pass play on a 3rd down and 1-yard situation. If you can’t pickup one yard running the ball, you don’t deserve to WVU. This pass was intercepted giving the Longhorns excellent field position, which led to another Texas touchdown.

My biggest issue with Allison is he is way too slow to react, and his passes are horrible. Allison just throws the ball. Its often too low and gets batted down or so high it makes it hard for the receivers to bring it in, or its over the wrong shoulder. One older lady sitting in front of me said, “no wonder Oklahoma didn’t want him”. She said he should never work in a hospital for his reaction time would be costly.

I also noticed that on a couple kick-returns that the returner never just caught the ball and took off running full-speed, lost ground looking for a lane. All he had to run was run full speed ahead, for he would have created his own lane and picked up a lot more yards.

The BEST WVU player on the field this day was CB Keith Washington. He knocked down several passes and intercepted a Texas pass. Congratulations to Mr Washington and his tremendous effort this day!!!

I wish WVU lots of luck against Iowa State and their QB Purdy, but I look for Purty to get lots of yards both passing and running. Iowa’s OL is big and can open holes and block downfield for the running game. With Kendall at QB WVU may score 10 pts, and I look for Iowa State to score close to 50pts. Oklahoma will score over 60 against WVU and WVU may get a field goal. This game will be as bad as the snow game in Morgantown, a few years back.

GO ‘EERs!!! I wish you the best!


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