3 – 1 WVU Gets A Week Off

HC Neal Brown : “Trust the Climb”

One thing I learned this weekend is that Coach Brown can get mad on the side-line. The second think I learned is that WVU has some offensive talent to go along with its defensive talent. I have watched all the Big 12 Teams this season and the Top 3 are Oklahoma, Kansas State, and Iowa State. I think If WVU continues to improve it can beat Texas, Texas Tech, Texas Christian, Baylor and Oklahoma State.

Where I see WVU needs to improve going forward:

– QB Austin Kendall has to get it in his mental clock that once the ball is snapped he has 3-seconds or less to get rid of the football. I-d recommend he work on more lateral movement (right and left) and his passing accuracy when extending the pocket.

– RBs when running to the sideline at an angle, they need to turn the run up field instead of running out of bound. Getting vertical quicker will help all the backs get more yardage.

– WRs need to concentrate on catching the ball away from their body with their hands. There are way too many dropped passes.

– TEs need to get more involved other than just blocking. Too bad Wesco is gone.

– OL is the most improved unit on the team. Now there is still room for improvement, but the OL looks better each week.

After watching Oklahoma State vs Texas, I think WV can beat Texas on Oct 5th.

Players who continue to impress on Defense: Washington, Darius and Dante Stills, Reese Donahue, Dante Bonamico, Norwood, Pooler, Haskins, pretty much everyone on defense.

I am impressed with the kickers and punters.

Impressive players on Offense: The OL is the most consistent.

I got upset when I realized I had to sign-up for ESPN+, but maybe it isn’t that bad for you get lots of sports and replay. Today, I watched WVU beat kU.

GO EERs!!!


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