As A Fan – Do You Trust the Climb

HC Neal Brown : “Trust the Climb”

It was evident after WVU’s loss to Missouri that WVU had a lot of “Fair Weather Fans”. Any time a team goes through a coaching change there is going to be “Growing Pains”. Fans aren’t always the most loyal nor the most patient. As a fan or a player, Coach Brown asked us to all “Trust the Climb”. This is probably easier for the players than the fans, for the players see what is going on and see the progress first hand.

When Dana Holgorsen took over at WVU as Head Coach it was his first ever Head Coaching job. When Neal Brown took over as Head Coach at WVU he was coming from Troy University where he had spent the past few years as a Head Coach. Troy won their Bowl games and their Conference under Coach Brown.

I think what frustrated WVU fans the first 2-weeks of the 2019 season was the fans saw what Holgorsen had inherited being passed to Coach Brown, and it like “OH NO! Here we go again”. The fans saw talent, but what they didn’t see was an OL that could block nor a QB they felt could win games. WVU wants a Big 12 and a National Title. They want to see a Coach and Team they can believe in. After the show the Mountaineers put on Saturday against North Carolina State, I truly believe more fans bought into Coach Brown’s “Trust the Climb”. Now there is always going to be the “Doubters” and “Nay Sayers”, but its the True Believers who this team and these players need to pick them up when they are down. They are aren’t asking of any more than each of os ask for each day. We all have good and bad days. These are growing young men and like any young person they need to know we have confidence in them, that we trust them, and that we have their back. When we do these things we are treating others like we want to be treated, and we’ll get reward we want.

I was the Best WVU Football Team Saturday that I have seen in years. I saw Corners and Safety that knew how to play their positions. I saw a DL that could stop the run. I saw blitzes, a punt block, sacks, and much more. I saw a quarterback that is maturing and making better decisions, and whom can move better than I thought he could. No, I didn’t see a Heisman winner, but I did see a QB that should improve each week, and who has the ability to win games. I saw a maturing OL that understands blocking assignments and how to block. The more these young men play together, the better they will get. I am not saying every OL-Man will be a Colton McKivitz and be able to block 2 defenders at a time. We saw fewer dropped passes, more yards per run, and more. I saw a young team that is maturing and learning. Will / Could this team win the Big 12, don’t know, but if we as fans support them and show them we care then anything is possible.

To the WVU Coaches and Players: CONGRATULATIONs on your over North Carolina State!!! We appreciate all you did and have done!!!



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