WVU Fans: HC Brown Not To Blame

WVU Fans, HC Neal Brown is not solely to blame for Missouri butt whoppin’. I grant you after going to the Spring Game, my Starting QB choice was and still is Trey Lowe III, the 4-Star Dual Threat QB out of Tennessee. I understand that Coach Brown had known the Kendall Family for years before coming to WVU to Coach, and this is how we ended up with Austin Kendall, and I also believe this connection is one reason Austin got the starting job. I’m not upset with Coach with Brown, if this is indeed why Kendall got the starting job. He could have given Kendall the Starting job, because all the sports media along with many fan had named Austin Kendall as the Starting QB before he took snap at WVU. These Sports Writers, many of which I have been arguing with since Kendall said he was coming to WVU, along with those who praised Kendall for his performance in the Spring Game. These idiots with their articles about how good Kendall is, that he played behind 2 Heisman winners, and came from Oklahoma. They thought his background made him something special. Kendall didn’t play in Oklahoma for the same reason Jack Allison didn’t play in Miami – They suck!

As far as Offensive Line issues, we started seeing this in the 2012 Season. The last quality OL WVU had played in the Orange Bowl that put a whoopin on Clemson. Since then the OL has went downhill. Ever Offensive Line Coach since then has stated they have 5 starters, but need 6 or 7. We heard this from Bedenbaugh, Crook, and Wickline. Too many hits ended Clint Tricket’s football carrier. Remember the season under Holgorsen we had 4 QBs, none of which could play, and an OL that couldn’t block. This OL falls on Holgorsen. Holgorsen wanted smaller and faster offensive linemen, so he went after walk-ons and 1-Star recruits, focusing primarily 2-Star recruits, and an occasional 3-star. You compare WVU’s OL to those of the Big 12 and other conferences, WVU’s is much smaller. Yes, a few WVU offensive linemen play in the NFL.

Right now WVU list 21 offensive linemen on the roster, and I seriously doubt one gets picked by the NFL in the spring.

The lack of play by WVU TEs isn’t helping either. I thought O’Laughlin would be a much better player than what I have seen out of him.

For the most part if as a fan you don’t like WVU’s talent, then yell at Holgorsen and his coaches, for they did the recruiting. It will take Coach Brown and his staff 2 to 3 years to recruit better talent, and for us to see an improved and winning football team.

In reality, Holgorsen inherited a recruiting mess from Rich Rod. Holgorsen shows up at WVU to learn WVU hadn’t been utilizing its scholarships for years and he had all these scholarships to use. The problem was Holgorsen used them, but not efficiently. He went to Texas and tried to turn WVU into Texas, by heavily recruiting from Texas, but instead of top-end recruits he got the bottom of the barrel. Florida recruiting went up, and while WVU some many quality recruits from FL, not all were top notch players. In the mean time quality WV HS players were not being looked at or even considered, and if they did get a scholarship after a year or so they left, for they weren’t getting playing time. It was the walk-ons from WV that had the biggest impact, for they ended up getting scholarships, some went on to the NFL. Even with Rich Rod and Holgorsen some good came out of it.

WVU has at least 2 Dual-Threat QBs: Trey Lowe and Trent Jackson. I am not sure about Doege. If you listen to  Coach Brown and what he says about Kendall:

– He holds on to the ball to long – Meaning the OL must maintain the blocks longer; He misses defense adjustments; His receiver went from being open to being covered.

– He is not a mobile QB – It was a wonder Kendall didn’t suffer a major injury against Missouri. He got rid the ball and ended up in players being blocked all around him, with him just standing there looking dumb founded and scared. I was scared for him.

QB Trey Lowe III HS SR video: This 1st video illustrates what I have been saying about Lowe having a quicker release.


QB Trent Jackson

QB Jarrett Doege highlights

Good Luck!

GO EERs!!!


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