Why WVU needs Lowe III as QB

QB Trey Lowe III

It was miserable watching WVU play Missouri. The offense couldn’t pass or run the ball, and the defense can’t tackle. The last time I saw a WVU team this bad Dana Holgorsen was the coach, and I think WVU only won 2 or 3 games that year.

WVU needs a QB that can play fast and react to what is taking place on the field in front of them. Kendall can’t do this. On his deep passes Kendall is often behind the receiver. On the in intermediate passes the ball comes in soft and high, and this is why he threw 2 interceptions today. Kendall tried running with the ball against Missouri, but his reaction time was slow. Kendall is a pocket passer that needs a lot of time in the pocket. It takes Kendall awhile to read the field and to get the ball out of his hand.

It takes Kendall awhile to read a defense and a little longer to react. Kendall can’t see something going on and anticipate what’s going on or whats going to happen. From what we saw from Jack Allison today, his reaction time is slow and that is why he threw an interception.

With Trey Lowe III in the game, WVU’s offense seemed to have a since of urgency. Lowe’s ability to react and move seems to improve the running game. Too bad we didn’t get to see him sling one down field. ESPN didn’t record any of Lowe’s stats. I WISH THEY HAD. Lowe had the best showing in the Blue/Gold Spring Game.

With a talented QB, such as Lowe or Jackson in the game it opens up WVU’s offense. Lowe and Jackson can run and have speed. Lowe can also throw on the run, and he is accurate. This means defenses have to plan for these guys, which means someone else isn’t covered. This will open up the run and/or passing game depending on the play. Lowe and Jackson can also make quick defensive reads and react accordingly. These guys have some jets and moves. While Will Grier was a Pro-Style QB he was different than Kendall and Allison, for one thing he read defenses faster and used them to his advantage.

For WVU to turn its season around, Trey Lowe III needs to start the next couple of games. One year under Holgorsen we had 4 QBs and not one of them was worth a damn. Then we got Clint Trickett who turned it all around. I don’t think WVU has a group of bad QBs, but we need a starting QB who can read defenses quickly and react just as quick.

Today against Missouri, WVU threw 3 – Ints, completed 16 of 27 passes for 141 yards, and ran the ball 32 times for 30 yards. WVU put up 171 yards of offense compared to Missouri’s 382 yards of offense. Last week against JMU, WVU caused 4 turnovers, but today against Missouri they caused no turn-overs.

Also, WVU has a history of putting top LineBackers in the NFL, who when they tackle its lights out. WVU’s LB couldn’t tackle a 100# sack of potatoes. These guys are an embarrassment to former WVU LBs who now start in the NFL: Bruce Irving, Karl Joseph, KaZire White, Dravon Askew-Henry, and David Long Jr. – I advise you to go look at these guys on film, before one day you find them in your locker-room for embarrassing them and WVU. These guys didn’t and don’t miss tackles. When they tackle someone they leave their stamp.

WVU needs a Dual-Threat QB to turn this team and this season around. This team needs something to build their confidence. Slow Pro-Style QBs who are slow to read defenses and slow to react won’t do it. This type of QB means blocks have to be held longer, and it gets timing off. The only way for WVU to play faster is to have a QB who can play faster. This type of QB makes everyone else’s job easier. It energizes players, it builds confidence, and players don’t mind giving that extra effort.

Good Luck against NC State!

GO EERs!!!



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