WVU Players from WV

Darius & Dante Stills

One big reason to cheer on the WV Mountaineers is it has many home-grown big time players giving their all to help win games. Here is the list of WV players on the team.

#51 R-So LB Jake Abbott, Fairmont, WV

#6   Fr Safety Michael Boaltey, Martinsburg, WV

#39 R-Jr Safety Dante Bonamico, Bridgeport, WV

#78 R-So OL Daniel Buchanan, Gilbert, WV

#34 R-Sr LB Shea Campbell, Morgantown, WV

#99 R-So DL Sam Cookman, Romney, WV

#62 R-Jr OL Zach Davis, St. Marys, WV

#46 Sr DL Reese Donahue, Milton, WV

#41 R-Jr TE/FB Elijah Drummond, Bridgeport, WV

#60 R-Fr OL Noah Drummond, Bridgeport, WV

#57 R-Jr DL Nate Green, Wellsburg, WV

#92 Fr DL Rhett Heston, Fairmont, WV

#43 Fr LB Drew Joseph, South Charleston, WV

#88 R-Fr DL Travis Lee, Martinsburg, WV

#48 R-Fr Kicker Casey Legg, Charleston, WV

#26 R-Sr Safety Deamonte Lindsay, Martinsburg, WV

#89 Fr WR Graeson Malashevich, Huntington, WV

#58 Fr OL Nick Malone, Morgantown, WV

#15 Fr Safety Kerry Martin Jr., Charleston, WV

#51 R-Jr LS Kyle Poland, Morgantown, WV

#67 R-Fr DL Josh Ritchie, Morgantown, WV

#30 R-Jr Kicker Evan Staley, Romney, WV

#66 R-So OL Adam Stilley, Martinsburg, WV

#55 So DL Dante Stills, Fairmont, WV

#56 Jr DL Darius Stills, Fairmont, WV

#10 R-Jr LB Dylan Tonkery, Bridgeport, WV

#47 R-So TE/FB Joseph Turner, Morgantown, WV

#59 R-Jr LB Luke Williams, Parkersburg, WV

#97 R-Sr DL Stone Wolfley, Morgantown, WV

There is a lot of talent on this list. We will most likely see players like Donahue, the Stills Brothers, and Tonkery in the NFL I like what the kids from WV bring to the table. They bring the attitude and work-ethic they were taught growing up. WV folks have a don’t quit attitude, no matter how tough things get Mountaineers never quit.

I am very much looking forward to Saturday’s game. WVU hasn’t had a return game since 2012. Since then the return game has been the return guys catch the ball and get killed by the opponent. To see what blocking looked like for the return game, we had to change channels. Instead of kicking the ball to the coffin-corner, WVU needed coffins to carry the return guys off the field, for these guys got killed.

GO EERs!!!


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