Let’s ALL Welcome and Cheer On the 2019 Mountaineers

Meet WVU’s NEW Football HC Neal ‘Motown’ Brown.

WV Fans let’s All WELCOME WVU’s NEW HC Neal Brown, his coaches and players to Morgantown, and lets give them the support they need and do all we can this football season to cheer them on to Victory.

Coach Brown and his staff struggled keeping this team together. After taking over as Head Coach, it was like a revolving door opened up as players left for what they felt was more fertile ground, while new players came to Morgantown leaving their schools for the same reason. The NCAA’s NEW Transfer Rule has played havoc with college teams all across the USA. This rule needs revised.

I have seen predictions where WVU wins only 5 games in 2019. Only time will tell if these predictions are true. What will determine how many games Coach Brown and this team will win is based on 3 factors: (1) How well these players believe in and trust themselves and each other; (2)  Do the coaches not only believe in this team as a whole, but do they trust the team leaders to correct the ship on the field and on the sideline, should it begin to break apart: and (3) Is a big as the first two Fan Support”.  This is a new coaching staff, and a team with many new players. We fans must be supportive all season no matter the outcome, we have to remember these are new coaches and players. We have all seen lesser teams beat better teams, all because of heart. It is the fans that that give teams the heart to overcome. And one big key to fans is the students. The student section needs filled every game, and they need to remain in the stands until the game ends. The players play for 4 quarters, and all fans needs to stay and cheer for 4 quarters.

No matter the sporting event I attend, I never leave early. Yes, over the years, this has drawn ire from my spouse, especially when it was cold or rainy, or snowing. On occasion she’d go to the car and leave, returning to pick me up when the game ended. Today, I use a wheelchair, and I still stay until the game is officially over.

We were at the Blue Gold game in the Spring, and we have tickets for a fall game. Hope to see you there!

Good Luck to Coach Brown and the Mountaineers against James Madison! I hope to watch this game on the WV Channel.

I believe the defense this season is better than advertised, for it is anchored by some very talented players from WV, such as: the Stills brothers, Reese Donahue, Dante Bonamico, and a player I like from OH, Jeff Pooler.

GO EERs!!!



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