WVU Fans Are The Greatest

What a wonderful weekend in Morgantown. My wife and I met a lot interesting people.  We met parents of WVU students, former WVU football players, many people from WV and many from other states. All were wonderful and very friendly.

When someone saw my wife needing help with me in my wheelchair I’d soon have 4 guys picking me up in the wheelchair and  carrying me over a high curb, or across gravel. We didn’t have to ask for help. These guys just offered. This is how I was raised, and it was good to see that there are still people like this.

One former WVU player I met was from Havaco, WV, which is the same county I was born and raised in, so we had a good talk.

The one thing that upset me was when I was informed you couldn’t get a Slaw Dog at the stadium. Now here I am in WV at a WVU game and I can’t get a Slaw Dog. I was able to get a Pepperoni Roll, and this was a good thing. Now if was in at a game in any other state I could understand this, but not in WV.

Thanks to all the fans who helped my wife with myself and wheelchair. This is why I love this state and its people.

GO EERs!!!

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