WVU Blue Gold Game 13 April 2019

QB: Trey Low III

QB: Jack Allison

Today was WVU’s Blue Gold Game. It was a great atmosphere, the weather was good, and it was fun seeing the work of the new coaching staff and the players.

The fans were excited about seeing the new uniforms. Tevon Austin and Karl Joseph were in town to model the Grey uniforms.

I met and chatted with several former WVU players, and most all were concerned about the quarterback position. With no true leader many fans and former players were worried about this position.

For all the 1st and most of the 2nd half Jack Allison was the QB of the Blue Team. Trent Jackson play a series near the end of the 4th quarter. QB: Austin Kendall played all the 1st quarter and most of the 2nd quarter before being replaced by QB: Trey Lowe III.

I wish we had seen Jack Allison use his mobility in the bowl game. Allison was not the same QB today that we saw in the bowl game. Allison is very mobile and has a strong arm, but he struggles with the shorter passes. Trey Lowe is very mobile, has speed, made would be tacklers miss him, and had the best touch of the 4 QBs on hitting short passes. Lowe was keeping plays alive and throwing on the run. He was the best QB today at hitting RBs running out of the back field with sideline passes.

From where I sat, Lowe was the best of the 4 QBs with Allison running a close 2nd.  Thought Jacks only ran 4 plays, he looked better than Austin Kendall.

Where Lowe and Allison out played Kendall and Jackson was they were a lot more mobile and weren’t afraid to run the ball.

I agree with Coach Brown’s earlier statement that the OL has to improve its run blocking.

Defensively, teams will struggle running the ball against WVU. The defense was impressive at stopping the run. There were some miscues with the defense in the passing game. CB Keith Washington had a great game today breaking up several short and long passes.

The most amazing play was that of 5’6” Tevon Bush. He definitely climbed the ladder to catch a deep ball from Lowe and take it away from 2 much taller defenders.

From what I saw today every position needs work. The defense is good and I look for the pass defense to improve. Offensively, the OL has a lot of work to do to improve on its run blocking skills. The OL did an OK job at pass blocking.

WVU appears to be set at TE, FB, RB, and WR. These guys showed lots of skill and speed. As for QB, they all have work to do, but it appears that Lowe and Jackson are the leaders.  From what I saw today both of these QBs are very mobile, but Lowe is much more accurate throwing both the deep and short routes. Jackson struggled throwing the shorter routes. Lowe appears to have much better touch with his passes than the other QBs.

Unless things change drastically between now and the fall, look for Lowe to be the starter and Allison to be the back up.


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