WVU Fans Lets All Get On The Coach Neal “Motown” Brown Train

Welcoming WVU HC Neal ‘Motown’ Brown

Photo by: WVU Sports

WVU fans I have listened to and watched every video on new head football coach Neal ‘Motown’ Brown. The more I have done this the more excited I have become about the future of WVU football. This young exciting coach is going to be fun to watch. I saw where a parent of one of the WVU players stated that after meeting Coach Brown for the 1st time, he was so pumped he was ready to play football. We all the players feling like this, and from what I read on Twitter many do.

We needed a coach that could pump these players up, for I’m sure many were feeling down after the loss to Syracuse. The football players needed a pick me up, and they got it with our new coach. I like his 4 Fs: Faith, Family, Fun & Football, and you can see it with his slogan: Pipe It Up, and with the dance video he did at Troy U. Brown is going to fun for WVU, the players and fans to watch.

I truly believe his style of football will change the Big 12. We will no longer see a non-existent return game, a defense that struggles stopping the run and/or the pass. We’ll finally see a WVU team that can run the consistently. And most imprortantly, we’ll see a team that can and will play four full quarters of football. As a fan we should all be excited about our new coach and his style of football.

A few fans appear to have given up on Coach Brown getting 5-Star OT Darnell Wright to sign with WVU. I reminded these fans that Signing Day was Feb 9, and Coach Brown and his staff still have time to switch him, and Wright did state that he was coming to Morgantown for a visit, and 4-Star OL Doug Nester has stated the same. I’m not throwing in the towel yet on either of these recruits, nor am I throwing in the towel on Coach Brown and his staff. I have Faith in Coach Brown and his staff. These are WV boys and I am sure Coach Brown wants them on his team as much as many of us fans do.

If you are a WVU fan and know one or both these young men, reach out to them, and let them know how much better they’d look in Gold n Blue, and how badly we need them, and the team needs them. Maybe Trevon Wesco can reach out to Doug Nester for I believe he is also from Martinsburg. I was hoping Wesco had another year at Motgantown, for he would enjoy playing for Coach Brown.

i don’t about you, but I am ‘All In’. I believe in our new coach, and it is going be tough waiting to see many of the players step on the field again.

GO EERs!!!


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