WVU and Fans Will “Pipe It Up” Under Brown

Photo by: WVU Sports

With Coach Neal Brown as HC most likely WVU’s defense will change to a 4-3, which ends the 3-5 WVU has played under Holgorsen. WVU will run the ball more under Brown. Holgorsen struggled with Special Teams. The punt and kick-off return game were practically non-existent under Holgorsen. Brown had a successful punt and kick-off return game at Troy. I think under Brown we will see a much improved return game.

The one thing that hurt WVU’s running game, and play inside 20 was the lack of blocking by the offensive line. Brown runs a spread offense which is very similar to what was ran under Holgorsen. The difference being he believes in running the ball more, involves the TE’s more in the passing game, and will run the Wing-T.

When all this started with Holgorsen going to Houston, I hoped Dana would change his mind and stay. Then when he left, I hoped Gibby would remain at WVU. However, after thinking about it for a while, I think it was for the best. The football team had grown stagnet under Holgorsen. Holgorsen had one 4 win season and one 10 win season. Holgorsen averaged 8 wins a season, and out of 7 Bowl Games WVU only won 2. WVU never finished in the top of the Big 12. For WVU to do more and achieve more it was time for both WVU and Holgorsen to move on. All-in-all, this may be one of WVU’s best moves.

I see a lot of positives coming out of this. One of the 1st things I see is an improved punt and kick-off return game, and two I see an improved running game. WVU has a lot of talent returning, so WVU should at least have a winning 2019 season.

With Brown as the new HC, fans, some coaches, and all the players need to use to hearing “Pipe It Up”. it appears Brown likes using this term to hype up the players and fans. Someone has already created a “WVU Piped Up” t-shirt.

Below is a video of Brown Piping Up his team:


This looks like it’s going to be a fun season.

GO EERs!!!

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