How WVU’s Offense Will Change If Jack Allison Is Quarterback

WVU QB Jack Allison

If Holgorsen makes Jack Allison WVU’s starting QB, for WVU to be successful the Air Raid Offense has to change to a Wildcat Offense, the Run-Pass-Option (RPO) and Zone Reads are no longer viable plays, for defenses won’t fall for them because Allison is not a Dual-Threat. This also doesn’t fare well for Trey Lowe III, and Holgorsen will now have to make sure Trent Jackson is ready, should Lowe get hurt. Allisons success at QB will depend greatly on the availability and play of Lowe and Jackson.

Allison is a stationary pocket-passer. He is not athletic by any means of the definition. I think Holgorsen is taken in by Allison’s 6’6” height. Lowe and Jackson are both 6’2” and both are Dual-Threat QBs with good arms, speed, and both are athletic. This means Lowe and Jackson can extend plays, extent the pocket, and both are a threat to run the ball. Allison brings none of this to the table.

Against Syracuse we saw Lowe come in twice just so WVU could run the Wildcat Offense. From where I set this was a preview of what Holgorsen is planning for WVU in 2019. Most teams have gotten away from this style of offense, and it appears Holgorsen wants to bring it back.

If Holgorsen wants to bring this style of offense back, he’ll need to go get another Dual-Threat QB, and he’ll need offensive players who have experience with this style of offense, as well as an Offense Coordinator who knows it and can coach it.

This type of offense changes who WVU goes after as recruits. WVU will only need tightends and fullbacks who can block, for it won’t need a running back who can rush with the ball or tightends that can catch. The OL will do more run blocking than pass blocking in a Wildcat offense.

If you look back at the days when Rich Rod was HC, and Pat White was QB, WVU was more of a run offense and did little passing. Should Holgorsen make Allison the starting QB, then Allison will be the passing QB, while Lowe and Jackson would get the ball with run being their first option and passing being the 2nd option.

As a fan, I’d rather Lowe or Jackson being the starter and the other the back-up. This would open the offense up, and provide the offense many more options, and make it harder to defend. If Grier had been more athletic and a better runner, WVU would have been harder to defend. WVU’s defense struggled defending players like Kyler Murray. Dual Threat QBs are much harder to defend, and the Wildcat no longer works. If you watched the Orange Bowl both Alabama’s and Oklahoma’s defense struggled defending the dual threat QBs. True one QB won the Heisman and the other was the Heisman runner-up.

Here is a highlight video Jack Allison. We saw none of this lateral mobility or this arm against Syracuse. At no time in the game or in this video does Allison run up field with the ball. Allison needed to show his lateral mobility against Syracuse. If he had exhibited some of laterial mobility and accuracy maybe more of us fans would have been on his side and not come down so hard on him. If Holgorsen makes him the starter, then after watching this video, he must come out exhibiting these skills, else he and Holgorsen hasn’t heard anything yet from WVU fans.

I’d like to know why Allison never attempted to show case these skills against Syracuse. Was he scared he’d get hit and possibly hurt? Allison had an opportunity to show case himself to WVU fans and to the media. In the end the WVU fans were upset with his play and the media questioning his ability to be WVU’s future QB. Allison nor Holgorsen can afford Allison to begin the 2019 season playing any where close to what he did against Syracuse. Nor do we fans want to see a Wildcat offense, for the Wildcat has ran its course.

GO EERs!!!

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