What WVU Fans Learned With WVU 18 – 34 Loss to Syracuse

WVU QB Trey Lowe III

WVU QB Tent Jackson

What WVU fans learned is that Jack Allison is not WVU’s QB of the future. Even the announcers were saying this. Allison isn’t mobile. He doesn’t throw to receivers, he throws at them. Some fans were saying “give Allison a chance for he hadn’t thrown a pass in 3 years”. And to this, I say ‘Bull for he has been throwing the ball in practice since January’.

We have heard all season from Holgorsen Allison was the backup, and how good he looked. Then near the end of the season Holgorsen began including Trey Lowe III in the QB conversation. Holgorsen said both would play in the Bowl game. Allison played and except for 4 or 5 plays Lowe watched from the sideline. I was hoping that Holgorsen would star the 2nd half with Lowe at QB to give him an equal shot, but it never happened. What Holgorsen did was call the zone read with an immobile QB. Syracuse never fell for it, and no other team will either.

I was hoping we fans would have a game where we could actually compare Allison and Lowe, but we  didn’t. What we had was a game that told us Allison is not WVU’s QB of the future, and if WVU is going to win games in the future Holgerson needs mobile talented QBs.

Watch video Trey Lowe III:


All we have heard since the end of regular season is that with Grier leaving that left WVU 2 QBs. What we have heard is wrong. There is a third QB: 6’2”, 200 lb, Trent Jackson of MD.

Watch this video of Trent Jackson:


As you can see after watching these videos, Lowe and Jackson are dual threat QBs, which is something Allison is not. You can run a zone read with Lowe and Jackson.

So, Yes WVU fans WVU has 3 QBs not 2. Now lets hope Holgorsen gives them an equal shot at the starting position and back-up position, and doesn’t start 2019 favoring Allison.

Comparing the videos of Lowe and Jackson to what we saw out of Allison today, Allison can transfer again as far as I am concerned. WVU needs QBs like Lowe and Jackson. WVU needs QBs who can challenge defenses and create plays when there is none.

WVU’s OL did a good job protecting Allison in the Bowl Game, but they couldn’t run block for crap.

WVU’s defense played extremely well in the 1st half, and the Stills brothers owned the Syracuse offensive backfield. Then in the 2nd half the WVU defense looked tired and out of energy for they forgot to wrap up and tried some shoulder tackles that didn’t work. Not only could the defense not tackle, but they were often out of position. Hakeem Bailey was always out of position. Derrek Pitts is one of WVUs best defensive backs, and was a dual threat QB in high school.

Right now going into 2019, WVU needs another dual threat QB, offensive linemen that can pass and run block, a TE who can play like Trevon Wesco, and DBs who are at least 6’, who are physical and can cover.

Holgorsen owes the fans an apology for this game. The offense did nothing to give the defense any mojo. The defense got 2 interception. Thus the defense did its part, but they got no help from the offense. One other thing WVU needs is an Offensive Co-ordinator. I hope Lyons forces Holgorsen to hire one.

The loss this evening has nothing do to with the players who were not there or were hurt. It has more do with Holgorsen not giving Lowe an equal shot at the QB position, and calling plays a stationary QB can’t execute, such as a zone read. When an offense can’t move the ball and score, and isn’t doing anything to help the defense, the defense begins not to care. WVU scored one touch down. The defense got 5 sacks and 2 interceptions.

I will not blame the loss on the defense or the offense, i put this loss and the way it went down squarely on Holgorsen. This is not to say WVU wouldn’t have lost if Lowe had played the entire 2nd half, but giving Lowe an equal opportunity would made the game more exciting to watch, and the loss more palitable, for we would have know Holgorsen gave it what he had. I look for some fans to be calling for Hilgorsen’s head.

Allison finished the game completing 17 of 35 passes for 277 yards. That is a completion ratio of 48%. And Allison had 0 yards rushing and 1 interception. These kind of stats supports the fact that Lowe should have been the QB the entire 2nd half. It was obvious that David Sills V was upset for he got in Allison’s face a few times on the sideline. Everyone was upset with Allison except Holgorsen, and Holgorsen spent the game trying to coddle Allison, for he wants Allison to be the starter. Holgorsen needs to stop cuddling Allison, and give Lowe and Jackson an opportunity to win the position. Holgorsen needs to realize that Allison is not WVU’s QB of the future.

GO EERs!!!


2 thoughts on “What WVU Fans Learned With WVU 18 – 34 Loss to Syracuse

  1. I’ll preface by saying: There is West Virginia. And then there is everyone else. Mountaineers. No matter what. Since before I could walk. Three Flags fly above my head. The only one above WV is the Red, White and Blue. Now, in my opinion, our “All American Quarterback” should have played in this game. He should lead his team. This guy came to WV after he cheated and got caught. We took him in when few others would. Puts up astronomical numbers for a few months and wants his millions. Watch him fold in the NFL. Watch a desperate team in need of a QB take him too high in the draft. And watch him be the next Ryan Leaf. Or the next Leveon Bell, holding out on his TEAM. I knew long before the game was played that we had little chance of winning this game. I was truly surprised that the line was only 2. We had NO chance. Blame the O. Blame the D. Blame the Coach. Blame the play-calling. We blew it. All season we talked about, “…if this team wins and that team loses…”………WHY? Our QB. Who couldn’t hold onto the ball or made TERRIBLE decisions…but wants his millions and bales on his team in the end. A quarterback leads. Ours didn’t. We lost. Again. As for the future of our team, we should all hope whoever plays has the heart of a man like Eli or Ben. I’ll retire before I play for another team. Or quit on this one.

  2. Personally the WVU secondary hasnt tackled all year. it really showed vs OK st and the worst was OK. How many times did you see defenders try and tackle without wrapping? That has to be something they are taught. it cant be that way without lack of drills.

    I thought Allison did ok. Certainly not great but he was extremely nervous early and tight as can be. I thought he settled down a little later. Yes he has mobility issues and running the zone read with him was foolish at best. What i also realize is you cant run the zone read with Lowe if he cant throw! I didnt see anything whatsoever that told me he could pull the ball down and make a throw to keep the defense honest. Pat white could throw the ball and obviously run like the wind which is what made the Pat/Steve/owen show so lethal.

    i dont know where we go next year but IF we run a zone read with Jack we will be in for a long season. If Trey cant throw the ball and keep a defense honest we are equally in trouble.

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