WVU Falls to the Sooners 56 – 59

Trevon Wesco, Martinsburg, WV

I put off writing this article until today, for I was upset over the loss. I was upset with Grier’s 2 fumbles that Oklahoma recovered and scored on. I was upset over the helmet to helmet hit on WVU WR Marcus Simms, for which there was no penalty. I was upset with refs negating two WVU touchdowns. The first one was called back due to a pick play being called on WVU David Sills V, and the 2nd touchdown was taken off the board for TJ Simmons blocking out of bounds.

It hard enough to win in the Big 12, and for WVU it is doubly hard, for WVU has to play the officials. WVU and the WVU Alumni needs to give the Big 12 officials bigger bribes than their Big 12 opponents or change conferences. I get the impression that many of the Big 12 Teams want WVU out of the conference, for they don’t like traveling to WVU to play games.

There are some people who believe WVU needs to change Conferences, and move to the SEC or ACC. One thing changing conferences might do is provide WVU with officiating crews that aren’t bias. I think WVU location wise would be a good fit for the Big 10. WVU is located much closer to the Big 10 teams than the Big 12 teams.

The one thing we didn’t see in WVU’s loss to Oklahoma was defense. WVU had 704 yards of offense compared to Oklahoma’s 668. WVU’s Grier complete 32 of 49 passes for 539 yards and a completion ratio of 65%. OSU’s Murray completed 20 of 27 passes for 364 yards and a completion ratio of 74%. WVU rushed the ball 41 times for 165 yards, and OSU rushed the ball 38 times for 308 yards. Each team had 2 turnovers. Grier completed passes to 9 different receivers. One name I hadn’t seen before was WVU Freshman WR Sam James of Richmond Hill, GA.

WVU TE Trevon Wesco made his presence known again with 4  reception for 49 yards, and pushing Grier into the end-zone for a touchdown. Wesco has really came on in the last part of season. I have been so impressed with Wesco’s play that I am replacing my yellow Geno Smith jersey with a yellow Wesco jersey.

A few things I come to realize is that WVU lacks depth on the offensive line and at linebacker. WVU also needs a better and more talented group at safety and at cornerback. Injuries on the offensive line and at linebacker have really hurt this team the past few weeks. WVU needs more physical players at these positions. WVU also needs a bigger more powerful and physical fullbacks. They need FBs the size of Wesco who can run with power and whose size and strength makes them hard to tackle. FBs like this who can also block would improve quarterback protection, and could be used to open holes for the running backs.

WVU would have had a better shot at beating Oklahoma if WVU hadn’t had all the injuries on the OL and at LB. Going forward WVU has to improve the running game. They have to get where they can average over 300 rushing yards a game, and this starts with the offensive line, and having a couple of big powerful fullbacks. Keep the smaller faster runningbacks. WVU also needs to find a TE to replace Wesco.

I was just looking at the WVU roster. WVU needs to step its recruiting up. Right now WVU has 16 commits for 2019, and this isn’t near enough.


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