Three WVU Offensive Players Who Played Every Down

FB Owen Schmitt, Fairfax, VA

FB/TE Eli Wellman, Huntington, WV

Here is two of WVU’s offensive players who played every down. They played with their heart and gave it their all on each and every down. If they got hit hard they hit harder. These players never quit no matter who the opponent was.

Owen Schmitt would pound his head with his helmet until blood was running down his face. Schmitt was referred to by sports analyst in the Tostitos Bowl as the “Run Away Beer Truck”. Schmitt played with a lot of grit.

TE Trevon Wesco, Martinsburg, WV

Schmitt and Wellman were elite players, and Trevon Wesco has joined this elite two-some this season, for he too doesn’t quit, doesn’t take a down off, plays with a ton of heart and when the ball is in his hands he too refuses to go down.

The one thing these three players enjoying doing is hitting opponents. They want to hit the opponent harded than they are being hit. They like punishing the opponent with every blow.

They want opponents to know they were in a game, and that they weren’t afraid. These three players were determined with a Mountaineer mind-set, and a never quit mentality. They weren’t / aren’t on the field just to go through the motions. They took/take each play and played with heart and determination.

These three players played/play offense like it should be played. WVU needs to have an offensive line, running backs and tightends who play with this mentality. It is players like these that make championship teams. To win a championship you can’t just have one or two players like this on offense, for you need to have an entire offense with these types of players. Players who play with heart and who give it there all on each down.

When was the last time you saw a WVU offensive line that always got a push on short yardage for a 1st down, and opened holes for running backs, and were seen blocking down field?

WVU hasn’t had an offensive line like this in years. Against Oklahoma State WVU’s couldn’t push OSU’s defense back 6 inches for a first down or touch down. In my opinion that is pathetic. I bet if you had players like Schmitt, Wellman, and Wesco on the offensive line, they would open a hole you could drive a “beer truck” through and be standing in the end-zone when the play ended.

Schmitt is the only player of these three not born and raised in WVU. WVU needs to recruit big Home Grown boys with this attitude, and mentality. Instead of recruiting big city boys, recruit the sons of farmers, steel workers, and coal miners, bulk them up and coach them on technique. The coaches won’t have to drill them to play with heart and determination, for they already have this, along with a no quit attitude. These boys won’t back down from anyone, they will hit the opponent hard and often, for this is how they were raised. These young men aren’t scared of hard work, for its part of their DNA, and they have been taught this by watching their parents every day. These players will welcome a challenge and not be scared of any opponent.

WVU’s offensive line, just by watching them you can see they take plays off. WVU’s centers have several bad snaps a game, blocking the edge isn’t consistent, and getting a push for a couple of yards for 1st down or TD, is less than 50%. WVU needs offensive linemen, running backs, and tightend with heart and determination, and whose DNA won’t allow them to take a play off.

WVU needs more players like Schmitt, Wellman and Wesco playing on the offense, and on defense WVU needs taller, faster and more physical defensive backs. It needs DBs that are a threat. In other words it needs players that are intimidating and who can’t be intimidated. I’d like to see WVU get a couple of big power running backs and mix them with the smaller faster shiftier running backs. I’m talking about a back that is 6 ft or taller and 245 to 260 pounds. A guy not afraid to lower his shoulder and take on defenders, and who can give a punishing blow, and who refuses to be tackled. In other words an Owen Schmitt, Eli Wellman, or Trevon Wesco. Mixing smaller shiftier players with a couple of power runners would greatly help WVU’s short running game. A big power back would have helped WVU against OSU get those short yards it didn’t get near the endzone. Instead of giving the ball to McCoy, WVU should have given it to the taller bigger Trevon Wesco.

WVU needs big boys who play like men on offense, instead of boys who play like boys, by taking plays off. During the OSU game and watch WVU struggle near the near the endzone, I was screaming at the OL “suck it up buttercup and get ‘er done”.

GO EERs!!!

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