Same-O Same O in WVU’s Loss to the Cowpokes

Trevon Wesco’s catch & 43 yard run against the Pokes. Photo from Blue and Gold News

After WVU’s loss to Iowa State WVU came out and for the 1st time this season and began playing 4 quarters of football. They beat Baylor 58 – 14, Texas 42 – 41, and TCU 47 – 10. They led OSU at half time 31 – 14 at half time. Then the offense came out in the 2nd half and forgot they had 2 qtrs to play. WVU was out scored by OSU in the 3rd qtr 10 – 0, and in the 4th 10 – 21. WVU’s 45 – 41 loss will knock them out of the top 10, and most like will kill any chances of getting into Big 12 Championship game. The Big 12 Championship game will most likely be Oklahoma and Texas or Iowa State depending on which these team wins tonight.

The bright side for WVU was Toyous Avery Jr., and Keith Washington each had an interception. WVU’s defense also recovered 2 OSU fumbles.

WVU struggled running the ball. WVU’s OL looked as bad as it did against Iowa State. Grier was under pressure. WVU’s star player this evening was TE Trevon Wesco. Wesco blocked for the RBs and had 2 catches for 51 yards with his longest being a catch and run for 43 yards. Wesco should have been used as a receiver when WVU was in the red-zone. Kicker Evan Staley was 2 for 2 on FG attempts, and Punter Billy Kinney did his best to keep OSU pinned back inside the 20. WR Gary Jennings Jr had 7 catches for 92 yards leading the receiving corp. WR David Sills V dropped 10 passes, but did have 4 catches for 68 yards.

QB Will Grier only completed 27 of 48 passes for a completion ratio of 56% for 346 yards. Grier also fumbled the ball once which was recovered by OSU. Grier threw 2 TD passes; one each to Gary Jennings Jr and David Sills V. OSU QB Taylor Cornelius completed 30 of 46 passes for 65% for 338 yards and 5 TDs. The OSU offense out played WVU’s Offense, and WVU’s defense struggled slowing down OSU offense.

The good news, I guess, is that WVU’s defense got 4 turn-overs and WVU only gave up one turn-over.

WVU had 39 punt return yards compared to OSU’s 89 yards. WVU rushed the ball 43 times for 189 yards compared to OSU who rushed the ball 43 times for 266 yards.

I have to admit after watching Oklahoma and Oklahoma State play each other last week, I felt WVU had a good shot at beating both teams, and when WVU was up 31 – 14 at half time, I felt WVU was on its way to winning this game by at least 20. Then came the 2nd half, and WVU’s offensive line couldn’t block, WVU receivers couldn’t catch, and the WVU RBs weren’t getting creases to run the ball. It was like a high school offense had came out of the locker room. Grier at times held onto the ball too long. The only WVU offensive player giving his all to win was Trevon Wesco. No one else on offense was playing with any energy.

The thing that got me most is that Holgorsen gave up opportunities for field goals. He kept going for it with running plays on all 4 downs when WVU was in the red-zone. Why would you try to run the ball up the middle when your OL hadn’t got a push all game? WVU turned the ball over on downs each time. What he should have done was pass the ball on at least one of the 4 downs to Wesco. McCoy nor Grier could pick up the one yard needed from a yard out. Finally, in the 4th qtr Holgorsen had Grier run wide right instead of up the middle. This resulted in WVU’s only TD in the 2nd half.

I wish the EERs the Best at home next Friday against Oklahoma, but if offense doesn’t come out and play 4 quarters, then I expect to see another Oklahoma butt whippin much like what happened in 2016 in Morgantown.



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