WVU Road to the 2018 NCAA Play-offs

WVU’s 2018 Goal

For WVU to have a guaranteed seat at the table for the College playoffs, then WVU must first beat Oklahoma State and then Oklahoma, and Iowa State must beat Texas this Saturday and Kansas State the following week. Should this happen then WVU and Iowa State will play in the Big 12 Championship game. If WVU wins this rematch and by beating Iowa State then WVU is guaranteed a seat at the NCAA Championship Table. This will in all likelyhood will have WVU facing Alabama in the Final College play-off game.

WVU’s offense and defense is so much different than anything Alabama has played against, and WVU has more play-makers on offense and defense, and more speed than any team Alabama has faced all season. WVU has a very good shot at beating Alabama and winning its 1st College Championship.

WVU will get some love from FoxSports during this journey, but don’t look for ESPN to show WVU any love. Now if WVU should lose one game along this journey, I would love to see a Bowl Game matching WVU against Ohio State. This is a match-up that Kirk Herbstreit don’t want to see, for he considers WVU beneath Ohio State. One thing for sure a WVU win over Ohio State would make Herbie so mad he’d walk off the set again. Herbie would get mad and walk off the set if WVU beat Alabama, for remember Herbie says Alabama can’t be beat. I saw the Alabama’s 24 – 0 win over Mississippi State, and feel Mississippi State revealed some Alabama weaknesses. Alabama has put over 40 points a game, but they didn’t put up points like this against Mississippi State. Why?

If WVU keeps playing with the intensity they started playing with in the Baylor game, I thing WVU can beat Alabama, and the Ohio States. Ohio State is over-rated this year as it is most years. ESPN only gives love to the Alabamas, Clemsons and Ohio States. Even if WVU wins the National College Championship, look for ESPN and Herbie to be upset, and find things about WVU’s to complain about. WVU will never be shown any love from ESPN, for WVU is not an SEC team.


One thought on “WVU Road to the 2018 NCAA Play-offs

  1. You would still need another Oklahoma loss for WVU to play Iowa St. In a playoff game. Otherwise with 2 conference losses back Oklahoma wins a tie breaker over Iowa St. Oklahoma is not likely to lose to Kansas, therefore we would play Oklahoma two weeks in a row in the above scenario.

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