WVU Sweeps Texas with 47 -10 Win over TCU

Four of the Big 12 Teams are out Texas: Baylor, Texas, Texas Christian University (TCU) and Texas Tech (TT). This season WVU beat all 4 of these institutions.

  • Baylor 14. WVU 58
  • Texas 41.  WVU 42
  • TCU  10.    WVU 47
  • TT 34.       WVU 42

Image by: Brian K. Marshall


WVU has also beat both Kansas teams: Kansas and Kansas State.

  • Kansas 22.            WVU 38
  • Kansas State 6.    WVU 35

WVU’s only loss this season came at the hands of Iowa State in Ames. WVU lost 30 – 14. WVU has picked up its play since this embarassing loss. What WVU needs to do now is sweep Oklahoma the next 2 weeks. WVU visits Stillwater this Saturday to take on Oklahoma State, and then on Black Friday WVU takes on Oklahoma U. in Morgantown.

Yesterday, after watching WVU beat TCU, I watched Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State, and Texas beat Texas Tech. I actually felt thses were some of the better officiated games by the Big 12 this season. They weren’t perfect, but they were a whole lot better than the WVU vs Texas game. None the less, Texas Coach Tom Herman is still an ass.

You guys know I love seeing WV Home Growns doing well. I want to give a big shoutout and give a big thank you to WVU TE Trevon Wesco for his 32 yard TD and for refusing to be tackled. Wesco had a hell of a day with 5 receptions for 86 yards, and some excellent blocking. Then there are the Home Growns on Defense that contributed to this win: Derrek Pitts Jr., Sean Campbell, Dante Stills, Darius Stills, Dante Bonamico, Reese Donahue, and lets not forget Special Teams sensation Evan Staley who practiced and made his bank shot for a field goal, and Billy Kinney who is averaging 45 yards a punt. If I remember correctly Pitts punched the ball out of a TCU receiver’s hands causing a fumble. Donahue had 3 tackles, 2 of which were tackles for a loss, and Dante Stills had 1 sack and 2 tackles for loss.

As you can see our Home Growns contribute each week and step-up when needed. Congratulations  to each Home Grown on the team, and for stepping-in and up when called on. I am sure we’ll see some of these young men playing on Sunday.

Watching the Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State game, I felt both teams were somewhat one dimensional. Oklahoma is big on the passing the ball, and Oklahoma State depends more on the running game. I felt that the WVU team that has showed up the past 3-weeks an played there asses off could beat both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. I see the Home Growns, especially Trevon Wesco being a big part of each of these wins.

GO EERs and don’t stop now!!!

Win the Big 12 and lets see if you can get in the college play-off.


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