Big 12 Football Officiating Is A Joke

Here is a video of Texas HC and his player making fun of the Missouri QB

Football officials in the Big 12 have become the laughing stock of college football, and neither the Big 12 or NCAA is doing anything to clean it up. Just watch the above video. No penalties were accessed.

Texas HC Tom Herman should have been fined for his actions. As the video illustrates Herman has no class and encourages his team with bad behavior. Even worse is that the Big 12 and NCAA let him get by with it.

Video of a Texas player throwing a forearm at Yodny Cajuste.

In the WVU vs Texas game. Texas got by with a lot. There was a photo taken of a Texas defensive lineman shooting the bird at WVU Offensive Linemen, and this happened frequently throughout the game with no penality was ever called on Texas. Then there was clip of a Texas player throwing a forearm to the head of a Cajuste who’s little push got him ejectedplayer, again wrong player penalized. If you saw the replay of WVU player Darius Stills being called for holding, what you saw was a Texas player hold-on to Stills left arm. Stills wasn’t guilty. Then the penality that even many Texas fans didn’t agree with was the ejection of WVU Yodny Cajuste.

Here is a video Texas high-stepping into the end-zone against WVU.

If Texas players and coaches can give the ‘hook ‘em horns’ sign then opponents should be able to give the ‘horns down’ sign.  What is good for one should be good for the other.

High stepping into the end-zone and extending the football over the goal line should not be a penalty. Players high-step to keep from being tackled, Extending the football over goal line is something we see every week in high school, college and pro-football. There is no way this should be a penalty.

A horse collar tackle is a horse collar tackle, just because the quarterback is in the pocket shouldn’t negate it, for this is a dangerous tackle.

I have read articles posted on Facebook stating the Texas gives officials $5,000 to help insure a Texas win. The guy who wrote this statement said he has witnessed the exchange himself.

One thing for-sure when WVU plays another Big 12 team, they can count on bad calls by the officials and having to play against the officials as well. Of all the Big 12 teams Texas is the dirtiest, and they now have a coach in Tom Herman who from his own sideline antics promotes this type of behavior from his players.

If anyone has a video or photo of the things I’ve mentioned in this article, please, send them to me and I’ll add them to the article.

Texas scored on this play, but if you look at the clock it is 00. No flag was thrown for delay of game.

Thanks for reading!

GO EERs!!!





to play the team, but the officials.

3 thoughts on “Big 12 Football Officiating Is A Joke

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