WVU Fans Have a Suggestions

Tevin Bush, WVU’s all purpose back

After my article on Home Growns and some of the comments I received I thought it would be a good to go to cfbstats.com and do some research. I frequently use this site to research and verify statistics, and to gather information for articles.

When some WVU fans read the article on Home Growns a few commented on FaceBook that they would like to see TE Trevon Wesco get more touches and used in the red-zone. In another recent article someone wrote that RB Tevin Bush needs to get more touches.

The Baylor allowed Wesco and Bush to showcase their strengths and talent. Wesco caught a short pass over the middle and bulled himself down field for additional yards for he refused to be tackled. Bush on a kick-off return reminded me a little of Tavon Austin. He ran backwards losing yards and then turned up field and was brought down by a shoe-string about the 30-yard line. It appeared in this run that Bush has speed and can plant and change direction quickly.

Wesco caught 3 passes for 52 yards with the longest being a catch and run for 23 yards. Bush had one rushing play in the game and he took it 79-yards. On his only Kick-off in the game he returned it 17-yards before being tripped up.

Trevon Wesco has played in 7 games this season and caught 10 passes for 139 yards. Tevin Bush has played in 6 games, carried the ball 3 times for 88 yards. Bush is averaging nearly 30 yards a carry, while RBs Kennedy McCoy, Leddy Brown, and Martell Pettaway are averaging just over 5-yards a carry, and Alec Sinkfied is averaging just over 4 yards a carry. Leddy Brown has the most touch-downs with 4, and he does his best work in the red-zone, generally when WVU has the ball inside the opponents 5-yard line. Brown is a bull rusher and runs with determination.

In the Baylor game QB Will Grier and RB Tevin Bush tried to execute the push pass that QB Geno Smith and WR/RB Tevon Austin were known for. Unfortuniately this being the first time for Grier and Bush trying to execute this play, it wasn’t as successful as it was with Geno and Travon. I suspect we will see more successful results of this play going forward. We may see another attempt of this play against Texas. With WVU only averaging just 2-yards a carry with its running plays, and Holgorsen and sports analyst stating that WVU’s running game must improve. I would also suspect we will see changes along the offensive line on running plays in critical situations.

One thought on “WVU Fans Have a Suggestions

  1. Nice article. Please don’t forget to check for grammar errors. Title, in the body etc. not being critical but I hate to see your work distracted by these things.

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