Home-Growns That Are Making WVU a Better Team

Trevon Wesco against Baylor – 2018

Listed below are the names of the 27 Home-Growns that are on the WVU Football Team Roster along with the WV Town they are from. If you have watched or read about any of the football games played thus far this season you had either heard many of their names called and/or read about their play on the field.

You can thank Holgorsen for having so many WV players on the team, before Holgorsen the number of Home-Growns was less. Many of these players have full scholarships, and few are walk-on. This is one good reason to support WVU football.

  #.    Pos. Name.                              WV Town

10.     LB        Dylan Tonkery.              Bridgeport

39.    S.         Dante Bonamico.          Bridgeport

41.     Te/FB  Elijah  Drummond.        Bridgeport

60.     OL.     Noah  Drummond        Bridgeport

51.     LB       Jake Abbott.                 Fairmont

55.     DL       Dante Stills                   Fairmont

56.     DL       Darius Stills.                 Fairmont

77.      DL.      Daniel Buchanan.         Gilbert

26.     S.         Deamonte Lindsay.      Martinsburg

66.      OL.     Adam Stilley.                 Martinsburg

88.      TE.      Trevon Wesco.             Martinsburg

91.       DL.     Tavis Lee.                      Martinsburg

15.        K/P.    Billy Kinney                  Morgantown

31.        K         Casey Legg                 Charleston

34        LB.      Shea Campbell            Morgantown

Sean Campbells earned his WVU Scholarship

47        TE/FB    Joseph Turner             Morgantown

51         LS.        Kyle Poland                  Morgantown

67        DL.        Josh Richie                  Morgantown

87         DL.        Stone Wolfley             Morgantown

59         LB.        Luke Williams              Parkersburg

35         RB.        Brady Watson             Ridgeley

30         K.           Evan Staley                 Romney

99         DL.         Sam Cookman            Romney

62         OL.         Zach Davis                  St. Mary

57         DL.          Nate Green                  Wellsburg

1            CB           Derrek Pitts                 Dunbar

46         LB            Reese Donahue          Milton

There is 3 Home-Growns that are listed as Offensive Linemen: (Freshman) Noah Drummond (6 ft, 282 lbs); (Redshirt Freshman) Adam Stilley (6 ft, 279 lbs); and (Redshirt Sophomore) Zach Davis (6’2”, 316 lbs).  Of these 3 Zach Davis appears to have have the better size to play on the OL. According to WVU Sports, Zach has yet to get in a game. Zach needs to step it up, to get playing time and to help WVU’s struggling offensive line. Come on Zach ‘get ‘er done’. The team needs you and WV needs you.

WVU’s OL Full of Potential (#62 is Zach Davis)

November is going to be a tough month for the ‘EERs, and they will be lucky to make it through without losing one or more games. This is why players like Zach Davis needs to step it up, for WVU may need them during this stretch run. Good Luck Zach and Get ‘er done!

GO EERs and Good Luck during November!!!

10 thoughts on “Home-Growns That Are Making WVU a Better Team

  1. Hey, Zach Davis has played in the Youngstown State game (special teams) and played 3 series of the 4th Quarter of the Baylor game on Thursday night.

    • Angie McKinney, I actually missed 2: Kicker Casey Legg from Charleston and Reese Donahue from Milton. I have updated the article and added these names. This makes 27 Home Growns.

      Thank you for catching that and helping me!

      Any time you catch something let me know.

      Thanks again!!!

      • Thank you for correcting that, Reese is like my own son and I was upset when I saw that. We all make mistakes and again I thank you for correcting it

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