Iowa State Takes WVU to the Wood Shed for a Thorough Butt Whoopin

WVU had tough games against Texas Tech and Kansas, for WVU only played 2 qtrs in each game. Againt Iowa State they didn’t play one quarter. In 4 qtrs WVU had only one sustained drive for a score and it occured in the first quarter giving WVU a 7 – 0 lead over Iowa State.  In the 4th Qtr Grier was sacked for the 7th time. This time he was sacked in the endzone for a safety. Grier threw one interception and that occured early in the 4 Qtr.

Against the Cyclones WVU only managed to produce 152 yards of offense while the Cyclones managed to produce 498 yards of offense.

Unlike WVU’s Offense, WVU’s Defense did make a few big plays. In the 1st Qtr Dravon Askew-Henry  got interception. In the 2nd Qtr Kenny Bigelow Jr blocked an Iowa State field goal which was picked up by Derrek Pitts and returned 72 yards for a WVU touchdown. This made the score WVU 14 and Iowa State 20. WVU never scored again. WVU’s defense did little after this.

Cyclone QB Brock Purdy completed 18 of 25 passes for 254 yards and 3 touchdowns, and he rushed 11 times for another 39 yards. Cyclone WR David Montgomery had 29 carries for 189 yards. Most of Montgomery’s rushes were off the Cyclones left side and there were no WVU defenders there to stop him until he was past the line-of-scrimmage. WVU’s defense struggled trying to tackle Washington.

Going foward, I look for Iowa State to win out and WVU losing to Texas and Oklahoma.

Many college and pro teams are changing their offense to emulate what the undefeated LA Rams are doing with its Bunch Offense. Tulsa University got rid of the spread offense and went to the bunch offense which reminds me of how football was played for decades. Holgorsen may need to consider creating the bunch offense into his offensive schema.

What I didn’t understand against Cyclones was all the run plays that were call between the tackles. Their were few run plays called outside the tackles. The other thing I didn’t understand was the lack of use of the big tightends in the passing game. WVU’s only offensive TD came when Grier threw to David Sills in the endzone. This play we have seen many times and as usual Sills scored WVU’s only offensive Touchdown.

Too often Grier’s pressure came right up the middle for there was a hugh hole. It was though Center  Matt Jones had vacated the area. Neither of WVU’s tackles could block the edge, and Grier was a setting duck. WVU’s offensive line failed to open a single hole for the running backs to run through, and you never saw an offensive lineman blocking down field to help a running back.

On this night WVU’s offense was non-existent. The OL couldn’t block, nor could the receivers get open.

The LA Rams bunch offense which is giving NFL teams problems:

The Big 12 has been using the spread offense for years, maybe by implementing the bunch offense with the spread would give WVU an advantage, but they first need to get offensive linemen who can block.

Good Luck EERs, you need all the help you can get. As it stands right now WVU’s defense out plays WVU’s offense. Even against Texas Tech and Kansas WVU’s defense out played the offense for it was the defense that kept the offense in the game. While it was WVU’s defensive line that was questionable, it was WVU’s OL that was getting all the hype. In reality its WVU’s DL that is the much better unit.

Good Luck against Baylor for you need it.

GO EERs!!!

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