WVU’s Now No.1 in Big 12 With Win Over KU

Photo is from West Virginia Wire.com

The game against Kansas University Jayhawks was the worst game WVU has played this season. Holgorsen stated during his post game: “that this was the 2nd week in a row he has went home after a game with a headache, and that he was taking his sloppy win and going home.”

I agree with Holgorsen that this was a sloppy win. QB Will Grier didn’t play like a top Heisman Candidate. Grier threw 3 interceptions and had one fumble. He also was sacked a few times because he held on to the ball too long, and he made a few other bad throws other than the interceptions.

The OL had problems blocking, and the Center Jones started the game making low snaps to Grier.

Marcus Simms who had been playing well this year finally got his fumble. I hope this isn’t sign of things to come.

Grier didn’t get a lot of help today against the Jayhawks. Other than being under being under pressure due to a lack of OL blocking, Grier also had serveral of  his passes dropped. If Grier wants the Heisman, he can’t continue to play like he did today.

WVU’s Defense Played well and they saved the game just as they did against Texas Tech. I was impressed with the play of Derrek Pitts, Jr. Pitts finished the game with 8 solo tackles, 1 sack, 3 tackles for a loss, and a QB hurry. David Long, Jr had a big day with 10 solo tackles.

Jovanni Stewart had a fumble recovery, and Hakeem Baily and Ezekiel Rose each got an interception.

Another thing WVU needs to work on is eliminating senseless turn-overs. I had never heard of a penality for simulating a snap – but there was 3 of these in this game. One against WVU and 2 against Kansas. This is an example of a senseless penality.

WVU’s defense wasn’t perfect, but it played well. WVU’s offense was sloppy and had way too many miscues. They played like their heads weren’t in the game. With what I am seeing in Okla State vs Iowa State, WVU needs to play better going down the road for they can’t look past either of these teams. In the 3rd qtr it is Iowa State 30 and Okla State 21.

I look for WVU to finally get a win over Oklahoma U. this season. If WVU can win the Big 12 then Grier could win the Heisman.

GO EERs!!!


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