Will WVU Ever Play Four Full Quarters?


Kenny Robinson got to wear the coal miners hat twice for he had 2 interceptions.

Watching WVU each week we have to realize each week that it’s a “Tail of 2 halves’. When WVU comes out and plays 4 quarters they may be able to win the Big 12 Conference and a National Title.

I was impressed with the play of Kenny Robinson and Keith Washington. Washington took his interception to the house for 6-points. Washington also had some night pass break-ups.

On the other hand Will Grier didn’t play like a Heisman candidate in the 2nd half. I also thought David Sills and Gary Jennings didn’t play upto their capability in the 2nd half. Marcus Simms played the best I have seen him play. While the RBs played well, the OL was a let down in the 2nd half.

The D missed way too many tackles in the 2nd half. However, I felt for the most part they were in position.

The biggest improvement for WVU was the play of Washington and Robinson. The RBs played well, but it was evident that play of the QB, receivers, LBs, and DL was lacking in the 2nd half. Another issue was way too many penalties. The good news was the D got 3 turnovers, and WVU didn’t have any turnovers.

This team has promise. It needs a cheering section of players on the sideline.

GO EERs!!!

I like the Turnover hat! I wore one for over 12 years.


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