WVU’s Win over TN Not All that Impressive

There were times in the 1st half I felt WVU was going to run away with this game and we’d a score of  70 to 7, but then TN would stall WVU. Grier couldn’t get it together. Over all Grier didn’ play like a Heisman candidate and the Eers didn’t play on offense or defense like a Championship Team. Grier was getting sacked and TN was having success running the ball.

The 2nd Half, the Eers picked it up. Grier got into rythm, and WVU’s D did a much better job stopping the run. One thing for sure TN left the game with sore bodies, for WVU’s D was handing out punishing blows. WVU CBs were impressive at times. The Still brothers and other 1st year players were making a name for themselves. WVU RBs and WRs were proving all the preseason hype.

I was hoping to see more catches from the TEs. I was also wanting to see Jesse Beal on the field. What impresses me with Beal is his size at 6’6”, 262 lbs. Trevon Wesco played well.

WVU has potential to win it all, but they need to improve. The 2 Oklahoma teams will be an issue for WVU and TCU will be a challenge.

The D was impressive especially when they shut TN down near the goal line.

The next game should be interested and I hope we see a WVU team that can play 4 full quarters.

Go Eers!!!

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