Are You Getting WVU Football Fever

TE: Trevon Wesco

I don’t know about you, but I am really getting pumped for the 2018 WVU Football Season.  One reason being the use of ‘Tight-Ends’.  The second reason is the campaign for QB Will Grier’s Heisman run, and third is WVU defense.  I am also excited about seeing WVU’s Special Teams.

With 6’4”, 270 lb, TE Trevon Wesco leading the way, the TE position should be a good one to watch. Looking at the roster, I see players listed as Fullback/Tightend, and as Tightend/Fullback.  Logan Thimons is the only player listed as FB/TE.  Seven players are listed as TE/FB, with Wesco being listed as only a TE.  Could we see a FB used for other than blocking?  Will 6’0”, 235 lb Thimons get to carry the ball?

With Will Grier having a much better OL, and lots of talent at RB and WR, and the installation of TEs, Grier has talent in abundance at his disposal.  They will all be needed in his quest for the Heisman.

The defense has many questions, for their are few returning starters.  However, WVU has went after and landed college graduates, JUCOs, transfers, and top ranked high school players to shore up the defense.  Blend the new players with the top defensive players from last season, this could be a defense to reckon with.

We haven’t heard anything about Special Teams, particularly, the return game.  Holgorsen and his staff revamped this last season with limited success.  I for one look to see improvement in the blocking for the return game.  Could this be a deminision that sports analyst are over looking.

I am also curious to see if the Australian kicker shows up, and if other players are added before the season starts.

This could be Holgorsen’s best season since taking over as head coach.  I hope to see some 4 and 5 star commits for the 2019 season.  I think who commits will depend on how WVU looks on the field this season.

GO EERs!!!

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