WVU: Rumors and Projections


The top rumor and top projection is Coach Dana Holgorsen will be fired and QB Will Grier will win the Heisman.  What?

Does Will Grier have to win the Heisman for Dana Holgorsen to keep his job?  Could Grier win the Heisman and Holgorsen still lose his job?  What if WVU has a winning season, Grier doesn’t win the Heisman, could Holgorsen still lose his job?

What if WVU had a mediocre season, Grier wins the Heisman, will Holgorsen be fired?  Or, what if WVU has a mediocre season, Grier doesn’t win the Heisman, will Holgorsen be let go?

The biggest question going into the 2018 season has little to do with Dana Holgorsen or Will Grier, it has to do more with the WVU defense.

It appears the offense is the strength of this team, but there are many questions surrounding the defense.  Depth at various positions is a major concern.  While there are no concerns about the offense, there is a question concerning whether on not tight-ends will be used in the passing game.  Then there is the question about depth at quarterback.  Now there is no doubt that Jack Allison will be Grier’s back-up.  With WVU only having 3 QBs on the roster, this means that by default freshman Trey Lowe III is the 3rd quarterback. Could the lack of experience and depth at QB become an issue as it has been in more recent seasons?

The one thing we know about Holgorsen is that when his starting QB goes down, his play calling becomes very conservative.  When QB Will Grier went down last season he showed a lack of trust in Chris Chugunov, by his conservative play calling.  Chugunov never got the opportunity to showcase his skills or talent.  Should Grier get hurt this season will Holgorsen do the same with Jack Allison as he did with Chugs or will he turn him loose?

There is a big change going on at WVU.  For years WVU coaches have recruited mostly 3 and 2 star athletes.  Over the last few seasons we’ve seen a WVU coaching staff that is going after more 4 star and 5 star players.  While the numbers haven’t been huge, they have landed a few 4 star recruits.

Recruits come and go, not just at WVU.  With the change in NCAA rules look for more recruits to transfer in and out of colleges.  Keeping a team together could become a nightmare for coaching staffs.  It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few seasons.

Between now and Sept 1st, look for more recruits to be added to the 2018 roster.  These players will mostly be defensive JUCOs transferring in, and who knows you may even see a QB added to the roster.

GO EERs!!!

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