WVU Players to NFL 2018

Kyzire White

(Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire)

Congratulations to all the WVU players who recently signed with the NFL!

I watch the 1st 2-days of the NFL Draft and I truly expected to see Kyzir White to go in the 2nd round. I was stunned when he didn’t go until until the 4th. However, I look to see Kyzir on the field with the Chargers this season.

I was also surprised to see Ka’Raun White, Al-Rasheed Benton, & Kyle Bosch not taken in the draft. I look to see all 3 of the players on the field this season.

With the Washington Redskins wanting to improve its running game, Eli Wellman could prove to a valuable addition to the Redskins. Look to see Wellman being used in the Redskins running game. Not only will Wellman be used as a blocker, but he they can also pass to him.

The NFL seldom drafts kickers, punters and long-snappers. Nick Meadows being taken as a Free-Agent isn’t surprising. However, with the problems the Colts had with its long-snappers this past season, Meadows has a good shot at making the team.

Other players hoping to get a shot at the NFL:

  • Justin Crawford
  • Hadori Christian
  • Marvin Gross
  • Mike Daniels Jr
  • Alejandro Marenco

Out of these 5 the least likely to get a shot at the NFL are Mike Daniels Jr and Alejandro Marenco. These 2 players are truly long shots.

The most likely to land Free Agent contracts are Hadori Christian and Marvin Gross. I think Justin  Crawford has a 50/50 shot. Christian and Gross could see playing time this season. Crawford, if selected, will most likely be on a practice squad. Crawford needs to do a lot of development, if he wants to see the field in his second year of the NFL.

Out of all the players the 3 who I think will make the biggest impact on their NFL team are: Kyzir White, Ka’Raun White, and Eli Wellman.

Good Luck to all these players!

GO EERs!!!

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