Will Grier on sideline. Thanks 247Sports

I am sitting here after reading the latest articles on West Virginia University’s football depth-chart for 2018. Today is Wednesday, March 21, 2018 and much of the east coast got snow last night and today, because it is officially the 1st day of spring. I don’t see much difference between these two. There are positives and negatives to both.

Just as sure as spring weather will arrive with sun and rain with cool, warm and hot days, so will arrive  most of the 2018 recruiting class. These recruits will bring their own rainy days, warm days and hot days. We’ll hear about the injuries (rainy days), recruits making waves for starting positions (warm days), and new recruits winning starting positions and adding to the depth charts (hot days).

With each new depth chart that comes out we will hear about the positives as well as the negatives leaving many questions to be answered.

The truth is no one, the reporters nor the coaches know who will be playing or what the depth chart for any position will be. Players will be injured, some may leave the program, and others may be suspended. And to add to the chaos a few new players may be added to the roster.

Yet, there are those who either write to hype the football team, others write to down play the teams progress, and they all write to keep us on the edge of seats and to confuse us even more. They raise more questions than they answer. They fill the roster with mystery at every position. They sweeten it with sugar coating, then throw in a huge dose of salt, and just when you think you are getting it all down, here comes the pepper and it all separates again going in different directions.

If you want to know who is starting and who the back-ups are…..watch the game. The roster can change at any moment — even just before and during a game.

The sad part is we are reading and hearing all of this without the rest of the recruits being on campus.

Oh…well! They have to do something to earn their pay with football season still 5 months away. Plus, it gives us something to read and talk about.

GO EERs!!!

One thought on “W H A T

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