With the Dust Settled on Early Signing

Dante Stills Commits to WVU

With the dust settled on the new early signing day, WVU still has a few scholarships open. Dante Stills, a WV home-grown, became the face of WVU’s 1st early signing class. WVU still needs a Tight-End. The lack of depth and talent at Tight-End is what has kept WVU, under Holgersen, from using this position in WVU’s passing and running game, for more than blocking. The same can be said about the position of Fullback.

The position of Fullback, the big power running back, has over the years dwindled to nothing more than bigger back who can block. You see this in college as well as in pro-football. This raises the questions for WVU, who will replace Elijah Wellman in 2018, and will WVU have depth at Fullback, and will WVU play a true Tight-End in 2018?

While Hilgorsen wants big tall Tight-Ends that can run and catch, so he can, like many college teams utilize this position in his passing game, he still needs that big power full-back who is an excellent blocker to lead the way for WVU running-backs.

During the early signing period, WVU picked two Tight-End and one running-back, but no Fullback. Tevon Wesco is the only player listed as Tight-End. Four players are listed as Tight-End/Fullback. Early commits Mike O’Laughlin and TJ Banks will most likely join Wesco as being listed as Tight-Ends only.

This was early signing class was like an early Christmas present, and was was of the best signing classes WVU has had in years.

I’d like to take this moment to Welcome these 20 new recruits to the Mountaineer Family. May you prosper, grow and mature, and Good Luck!

Also may the Mountaineers prosper and bring home the Heart of Dallas Bowl Trophy. Good Luck young men and God Bless.

GO EERs!!!

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