WVU’s Offense Continues To Struggle Against Texas

QB Will Grier breaks finger trying to score

I was listening live to Holgorsen’s post game interview. What got me was the number of fans blaming back-up QB Chris Chugunov for the loss. Sorry guys, but it was the receivers who dropped the passes and the O-line that didn’t protect.

WVU’s offense has struggled since the Baylor game. The receivers dropped pass after pass. WVU scored all its points in the first half against Iowa Stats and Kansas State. It has been WVU’s defense that stepped up against Baylor, Iowa State and Kansas State to secure wins.

WVU scored no points against Texas when Will Grier was in at QB. Grier broke his finger trying to score a TD to cut the lead in half. No matter if it’s Grier or Chugs, this offense struggles on 3rd and 4th down, and this has became MO for this offense starting with the Baylor game.

If the offense can’t sustain drives to rest the defense, then the defense tires and begins missing tackles. The defense has hung in and played hard, while the offense has been lacking.

A couple of things that continue to hurt the Mountaineers is WVU has one of smallest offensive lines and they tire against against bigger defenses. The other is WVU doesn’t have a big powerful running back. WVU needs an OL that averages 33o+ pounds and 6’4” or taller, and a couple of quality big and powerful running backs that are 235+ pounds.

Those of you who criticised Chugs performance today, shame on you. Chugs got more playing time today than he has gotten during his time at WVU with the starters. His passes were as accurate as any thrown by Grier. What you didn’t see from Chugs today was a QB who can extend plays. I look for a different Chugs next week against Oklahoma. I saw Chugs scramble in high school. I wounder if he works on this in practice at WVU?

Until WVU can get a bigger stronger OL, the offense will continue to struggle in the Big 12. Isaiah Hardy is the biggest of WVU’s offensive lineman at 6’4”, 340 lbs and the 2nd largest is Center Matt Jones at 6’2”, 318 lbs. The defenses these guys are going up against are 340 to 390 lbs. When the 2nd half starts WVU’s OL is tired and weak. They can’t get the push they need for the running game, nor pass protect. WVU has to recruit bigger stronger offensive linemen.

It is good to have smaller speedier RBs, but you also need that big power running back to punish defensive linemen and WVU doesn’t have this either.

I am not going to blame Coach Wickline for I believe he is doing all he can with the talent he has. He realizes his guys are smaller and he needs bigger players. However, the biggest O-line commit for 2018 is Junior Uzebu at 6’6”, 305 lbs.

In closing Will Grier finished today with a QBR of 10.5 and Chris Chugunov finished with a QBR of 38.6. And David Sills did not have a TD catch.

I don’t care who is WVU’s QB next week against Oklahoma, if there is little to no protection, catchable passes are dropped, and the QB is under constant pressure, WVU will lose. With the offense not being able to move the ball, the defense will tire, and Oklahoma will have big plays in the 2nd half.

Wishing WVU the Best next week!

Remember this, if you go into the game believing you will win, and you play to win, you can and will win. To win you must first believe in yourself and then execute.



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