WVU’s Offense Non-Existent In Oklahoma State Loss

Kenny Robinson’s Interception for a TD

Where was the Mountainers offense against the Cowboys?

An offense starts with the offensive line. WVU’s O-line struggled protecting the QB and could not open holes for the running game against Oklahoma State. I look to see more of the same against Iowa State and Oklahoma. Holgorsen hasn’t been pleased with the running game since the Kansas game. I don’t see this improving much this season. I think WVU needs to work on recuiting better and bigger offensive linemen, and bigger, more powerful running backs.

WVU recruits quick running backs with speed, and it doesn’t recruit power backs. If I were the RB coach I’d be trying a couple of the walk-ons. The reason being WVU is struggling with the running game, so why not give Brady Watson a shot? He may just be what you need at 5’7”, 205. He is built like a fireplug. It definitely can’t hurt. Eli Wellman had a very good first carry for a first down, but finished with one carry for one yard.

Now is the time as a coach you have to begin trying some things. Right now WVU is 5 – 3 on the season, and most likely will lose to Iowa State and Oklahoma. Depending on how the Kansas State and Texas games go, WVU could end up with a 6 – 6 season.

I felt WVU’s special teams and defense played a hell of a game. The defense had a pass interception for a touchdown, and 3 fumble recoveries. The defense hadn’t done this in a game this season. Special teams add a touchdown of their own with a blocked punt. Special Teams also blocked an extra-point, and we saw an improved kicking game.

Offensively we saw Will Grier say good-by to his Heisman chances with 4 interceptions, and only completing 47% of his passes for 285 yards and a QBR of 3.6. However, Grier had a lot of help. David Sills, Marcus Simms, Gary Jennings, and Ka’Raun White all dropped catchable passes. WVU finished the day with 30 carries for 62 yards, and a lost fumble.

WVU has a far piece to go, before they will ever be good enough to win a Big 12 Title. WVU needs to recruit to build a power running game. If you are going to compete with the big boys, a power running game is critical. This means you have to have a bigger and stronger O-line, and bigger more powerful running backs. Quickness and speed only takes you so far. If it were me, I’d look for 6’ plus running backs that are 235 or bigger. My O-line would be 6’3” plus and 330 plus pounds.

WVU will not be in a big bowl game, and I don’t see them ranked in the Top 25 when the new rankings come out.

If the job of the O-line is to open a hole for a running back then they will never succeed against a bigger team until they open that big hole. In order for them to do it, they have to have the ‘want-tos’, just going through the motion won’t get it done. Don’t think about it, just do it. Each time the O-line succeeds, confidence is built. Over the past few weeks WVU’s O-line has had little success. The reason being they lack the confidence to get it done. And the dropped passes of the receivers against the Cowboys, could play against WVU next week against Iowa State, if this plays with their mind.

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