WVU’s Lack of Respect Is Glaring

While listening to ESPN last night the announcers stated that they didn’t understand why WVU’s Will Grier wasn’t in the QB conversation, for he is one of the top ranked college QB’s in the nation.

Grier is the 6th ranked QB in the nation according to the College Football Statistics (http://www.cfbstats.com/2017/leader/national/player/split01/category02/sort01.htmland according to ProFootball Focus (https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pff-draft-watch-deep-passing-spotlight) Grier ranks 1st in deep pass throws (passes over 20 yards). Yet, when we listen to college sports analysts talk about quarterbacks we seldom hear Grier’s name mentioned.

From where I sit, this shows the lack of respect the media has for WVU and the Mountaineer football program. Sports analysts and announcers seem to focus on players who have a lot of flash, such as Louisville QB Lamar Jackson and Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield. However, according to College Football Statistics, Grier out ranks both of these QBs.

While leading the nation with deep throws, Grier isn’t doing it alone for he has the nations number 1 touchdown scorer in his arsonal of receivers. AJC.com (http://www.ajc.com/sports/college/wvu-receiver-david-sills-still-leading-college-football-receiving-tds/uC1iRpqJP25KlTytroEkaK/) list WVU WR David Sills V as the number 1 scoring touchdown receiver in the nation. Sills has scored 12 touchdowns this season and the closest to him is Memphis WR Anthony Miller with 9 touchdowns.

When WVU WR Sills steps on the field, he truly believes he is the baddest dude out there. He challenges defensives backs, and if you pay close attention to him, he also talks some smack challenging them to stop him. At 6’4” and 210 lbs, he is Grier’s top target on deep throws, and if you were a QB wouldn’t you want the ball to go to the leading TD receiver in the nation?

I was watching ESPN Sports this morning and they were passing out helmet stickers, and talking about college comeback wins. WVU, Will Grier and David Sills were never mentioned. This shows a blatant disrespect for WVU and these players. Grier threw 5 TD passes against Texas Tech: 3 to David Sills and 2 to Ka’Raun White. Early in the third quarter WVU was down 18 points, and then scored 29 unanswered points to beat Texas Tech 46 – 35. None of this was mentioned.

No. 13 David Sills & No. 7 Will Frier

The good news is the NFL Scouts are watching. I look for Grier, should he go pro, to be drafted well ahead of many of the QBs getting media attention. One reason is that Grier is a Pro-Style QB, and he reminds me a liitle of Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers. And what NFL team wouldn’t want the leading TD receiver (David Sills) in the nation?

I have often wondered if the reason WVU and its players don’t get media attention, is that this attention is bought. Does anyone know if colleges pay the media for this hype? We all know ESPN analyst Kirk Herbsteit hates WVU, for he has embarassed himself a couple of times. The last time was the 2012 Orange Bowl when Herbie stated WVU didn’t deserve to be on the same field as Clemson, and WVU gave Clemson a beat down. You never heard from Herbie again about that game.


2 thoughts on “WVU’s Lack of Respect Is Glaring

  1. Of course ESPN doesn’t like WV. You know why ? It’s political, just like the others on ESPN were suspended for expressing their politics on a sports show. WV voted for Trump. That’s the problem.

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