WVU – Off The Top

There are a bunch of negative articles about the Big 12 officials who in WVU’s loss to TCU – and rightly so.

WVU Head Coach Dana Holgorsen, his assistant coaches, and the players refused to say anything negative about the officiating. I thing this was more due to rules than anything else, plus I’m sure they didn’t want to say anything that would comeback and bite them and/or the team later.

There are a few things I’d like to see more of. At the top of these, I’d like to see more use of FB/TE Elijah Wellman, other than him just blocking for everyone else. More use of Wellman in both the running and passing game as a runner and receiver may help open more holes for the RBs and take double coverage away from a receiver. This year Wellman has one pass for 19-yards.

The one thing I never saw against TCU was the break-away speed of WR Marcus Simms. Simms struggled getting separation from TCU defensive backs, and QB Will Grier had trouble hitting Simms on the deep routes. Maybe, just maybe, if WR Reggie Roberson is as fast as we hear he is, then why not put Simms and Roberson both in the game at the same time? Surely, one of them could get open on a deep route.

And what about some trick play using Grier, Stills, & Wellman, or Grier, Wellman & Justin Crawford, or some some other combination. Maybe even use WR Ka’Raun White in a trick play. Out of WVU’s top 4 receivers, my favorites are Stills, White, and Gary Jennings. These 3 seem to play with more of edge to them, and White appears to be the most physical of the 4.

On a side note, has anyone other than myself noticed that no passes have been thrown to FB/TE Trevon Wesco this season. Wesco had issues catching the ball last season. Surely his ability to catch has improved some. – Just sayin’

On the other-hand, no one should be questioning WVU’s defense. This defense hung in against a very good TCU offense. DC Gibson is one of the best defense coach’s in the college football. But it was evident that the defense needs more depth, and so does the receiving core. These guys were gasping in the 4th quarter against TCU.

I’d also like to see Grier doing more misdirection pump fakes, and doing more to try an draw defenses off-side. I think this would go a long way in slowing down defenses, and opening up receivers.

Does anyone remember QB/WR William Crest? I wonder where he has been all season?

Lastly, I hope we all hear that the Big 12 has taken some sort of action for the bad officiating that took place Saturday at TCU. These guys need heavily filed or suspended or both.



4 thoughts on “WVU – Off The Top

    • Canshear,

      Yes, the officiating was bad against Baylor, and it was equally bad or worse against TCU. However, officiating didn’t drop passes or miss tackles.

      Incorrect calls against TCU in the 4th stopped drives. Sills wasn’t guilty of pass interference, but TCU was. There was the late hit out-of-bounds that wasn’t, McDaniel’s interception that was over-turned.

      The big thing in the Baylor game was holds that weren’t called, the chop block against WVU that wasn’t and the lste hit on TCU’s QB that wasn’t.

      WVU has been suffering games like this since joining the Big 12.

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