Be Proud of This WVU Team

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WVU lost to TCU, but as a fan you have to be proud of this team. These kids fought hard. No one is going to perfect on every play, and no coach is going to be perfect. We are humans and not Gods! And being human we all make mistakes and the only way to grow is to prepare so we don’t repeat our mistakes.

As a fan, I don’t blame this loss on the players or the coaches. This was the most complete game WVU has played in years. The only weak link on this team is the lack of consistency by Punter Mike Molina and Kicker Evan Staley.

The Fox announcers kept talking about how much smaller WVU’s defensive front was compared to TCU’s offensive line, and how the size difference would wear down WVU’s defensive front. The thing is I never saw any sign of this in the 2nd half. The best addition to the WVU’s defensive front is Fr NT Lamonte McDougle. This kid was disruptive the whole game. Everyone on WVU’s defense made plays. This is not to say there weren’t hiccups along the way. I felt the defense missed a couple of opportunities for interceptions, and this may have been due to them, at times, playing too fast.

Offensively, WR Ka’Raun White and RB Justin Crawford stole the show. White stole the show with his touchdown catch. He stumbled, regained his balance and took it to the house. Crawford had his 5th straight 100 yard plus rushing game. TCU is stingy when it comes to running game and few RBs do this against TCU’s defense. You can credit this to the blocking Crawford received from his teammates.

I don’t blame the loss on bad officiating, but 3 reversed calls, that should not have been reversed, did more to hurt WVU than help. I only hope that the Big 12 reviews these reverses and takes appropriate action against those doing the reviews. Last season after an Oklahoma State loss, some Big 12 officals who were doing play reviews lost their jobs after not following the rule book. These bad calls, or bad reversals, did influence the outcome of the game – and in my opinion this should never happen. The officials on the field were correct, it was the officials in the replay booth that were wrong. This shouldn’t and can’t happen in the Big 12. The good thing is this morning there are still photos all over the internet showing TCU being guilty of pass interference not David Sills, and that Elijah Battle did indeed intercept the pass. And there is a video clearly showing Sills was hit late out-of-bounds.

This makes me wonder how may other bad calls are made by those reviewing plays. The Big 12 has got to clean this up.

WVU is a Big 12 team to be reckoned with, but as all Big 12 Teams they can’t control bad officiating.

GO EERs!!!

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