WVU Comes Up Short Against TCU

WVU was a 14pt underdog going to play TCU, but they hung in and came up short. The Mountainees have now lost 2 games, and both losses were against ranked teams. They lost to VT 24 – 31, and lost to TCU 24 – 31.

WVU QB Will Grier completed 25 of 45 passes for 366 yards and threw an interception. Grier who had been completing over 60% of his passes, completed only 55% of his passes against TCU. Grier struggled throwing deep routs to Marcus Simms. It was an over throw to Simms that was picked-off by a TCU Nick Orr. Several of Grier’s passes were behind receivers. A few of Grier’s passes were just out and out dropped.

TCU’s punter Adam Nunez keep WVU pinned inside their own 5 yard line. WVU did a good job of working themselves out of these holes and moving down field. The running of Justin Crawford was big in helping WVU dig out of these holes. Crawford had his 5th 100+ yard rushing game this season.

I thought the game was slow. I didn’t think either team played with a lot of tempo. WVU ran just over 80 players and TCU ran less than 70 plays.

WVU fell short in several areas today. WVU defense didn’t cause any turnovers, and WVU turned the ball over twice. The WVU Special Teams truly fell short. Punter Mike Molina missed a short field goal, and Kick-off specialist kicked one out of bounds late in the 4th giving TCU the ball on their own 35, which lead to TCU’s winning touchdown. WVU had 0 punt return yards and only 39 kick return yards.

WVU’s Marcus Simms was back for a punt return in the 4th when a TCU player was blocked in to him keeping Simms from catching it. TCU recovered the ball deep in WVU’s end of the field. This also led to a TCU score.

Sometimes I think Grier telegraphs his throws and fails to look off a receiver. Grier did pump fake once today and this allowed him to connect with a receiver for a first down when he threw elsewhere. Also, with all the hoop-la about Grier, I thought we’d see him using his voice to draw teams off-side. I have yet to see a WVU QB do this. Grier finished with a 67.6 QBR, which is his lowest QBR this season.

Today, I saw TCU use trick plays against WVU, and Iowa State did the same in it win over Oklahoma. I kept looking for a trick play from WVU, but it never happened. Overall, I felt WVU played hard for 4-quarters, but miscues and a terrible pass interference call against WR David Sills all late in the 4th quarter handed the game to TCU. I felt that the officials were favoring TCU in the 4th. The pass interference should have been against TCU not Sills, and a late hit out-of-bounds on Sills should not have not been waved off. There were a couple of these on Sills that TCU got away with.

It’s tough to win a game, but when you are also playing against the officials it makes it even tougher.

Until WVU can beat a ranked team on the road they will never get the recognition they deserve or want. Most likely WVU will be dropped out of the Top 25 this week, and take a drop in the Big 12 Standings.

GO EERs!!!


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