Where WVU Truly Lacks Depth

We keep hearing WVU needs depth at receiver, and I agree, but if you think about it, WVU has 4 quality receivers and 3 running backs, plus a fullback/tight end who can catch. From where I sit that is 8 quality receivers.

The place the Mountaineers need depth the most is on the offensive line. If this weren’t the case Isaiah Hardy wouldn’t be listed as a back-up. Rather he would be red-shirted for next season. When WVU began substituting on the OL against ECU Grier came under more pressure, and Chugunov took a beating when he took over the helm late in the 3rd.

During the spring up until WVU played VT, all we heard was WVU’s D lacked depth. Yes, WVU needs better play from its corners, but the real lack of depth is the offensive line, and this was apparent against ECU, not on defense, and not with the receivers and definitely not at running back.

What a few of the young receivers learned after the ECU game, if you don’t catch your playing time gets cut, just ask Dominique Maiden and Druw Bowen. Two players that need to pick it up big time are RB Tevin Bush and WR Reggie Roberson Jr. I have yet to see the moves and speed Bush is supposed to have, nor the agility to stay on his feet after a hit.

Roberson is supposed to be another speedy receiver, and should Marcus Simms go down WVU will need him to stretch the field. However, Roberson needs to improve his route running and his improve his catching skills. He is excellent at downfield blocking both in pass and run support.

These next 2 games against Delaware State and Kansas is prime training ground for WVU to develop depth in all areas, but the offensive line is the one place WVU can’t afford to a lose a starter. A missing OL could be devastating to WVU’s offense, as well as the health of QB Will Grier.

A couple of players I’d like to see get involved this week against Delaware State are TE Travon Wesco, for I’d like to see if he has improved his pass catching ability, and RB Brady Watson. We could also see RB Alec Sinkfield who is listed as the 5th RB.

The one player who has to learn and only has 2 more games to improve his skill is offensive lineman Isaiah Hardy. This guy has a lot to learn and only a short time to do it. This probably can be said about other OL back-ups who want playing time. Its time for all the big guys to pick it up and push each other for playing time.

WVU needs 9 or 10 quality offensive linemen to make it through the season, and right now it appears they only have 5 or 6. This is where WVU needs 2 complete offensive lines that are pretty much interchangeable.

If you are an offensive lineman for WVU and you want playing time, these next 2-weeks are the games to step-it-up and shine.


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