ECU vs WVU: What WVU Fans Learned

ECU vs WVU wasn’t an exciting game, but WVU fans learned a few things:

  • Will Grier is as good as advertised
  • Backup QB Chris Chugunov is an accurate passer and just needs playing time to develop running the offense.
  • WR Marcus Simms is as fast as reported and runs excellent routes.
  • FG Kicker Mike Molina is struggling
  • Kicker Evan Staley is struggling to keep the ball in bounds and reach the endzone on kickoffs
  • WR Ka’Raun White and brother S Kazir White are both making a statement
  • WRs David Sills and Gary Jennings will give opponents fits
  • The RBs can catch, and FB Eli Wellman caught a pass for 19 yards
  • The defense overall needs to work on tackling and coverage techniques, but more than anything they simply need experience.
  • Running the ball more this week improved the passing game
  • RB Tevin Bush, WR Reggie Roberson, and WR Druw Bowen are works in progress but may excel when the light comes on.
  • There are lots of stars on defense: Al-Rasheed Benton, Dylan Tonkery, Dravon Askew-Henry, Hakeem Bailey, Toyous Avery, Brendan Ferns, Jon Lewis and many others

I see a 2017 WVU team that should improve each week. Regardless of who they play or when, they will probably be in the game. There is a lot of talent on this team.

My concerns going forward is with the FGs, kick-offs, and sometimes the play of the corners. It was good to finally see punt and kick returns. Thank you, Marcus Simms!

Next week’s game against Delaware State should be much like this game. Plenty of playing time for backups. That is a nice change in philosophy.

GO EERs!!!


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