A Chance To See The Field


This season WVU could play as many as 17 players who were raised in WV. We all know that senior FB/TE Elijah Wellman will play, along with junior TE/FB Tavon Wesco as well as home-grown kickers/punters: senior Mike Molina, and redshirt junior Billy Kinney. All these WV home-growns have WVU game experience.

On the defensive side of the ball, redshirt senior Jon Lewis, sophomore Reese Donahue, redshirt freshman Dylan Tonkery, junior Quandarius Qualls, redshirt senior Shane Commodore, and redshirt senior Jon Lewis all have earned playing time since coming to WVU.

There are seven additional native Mountaineers that could see the field in 2017: Freshman wide receiver Druw Bowen, freshman safety Derrik Pitts, freshman defensive lineman Darius Stills, sophomore defensive lineman Stone Wofley, redshirt freshman offensive lineman Nate Green, running back redshirt sophomore Brady Watson, and redshirt freshman safety Dante Bonamico.

This is one of the main reasons I’m an EERs fan. I want to see the home-growns do well and make a name for themselves. When they do this they bring positive attention to WV as well as WVU.

For me its more about what the native sons can do for their home state than WVU’s win loss record. It’s this reason that I have so much admiration for WVU’s Defensive Coordinator Tony Gibson and what he has and is doing for the State as well as WVU.

If any of you are questioning the mention of Brady Watson, it is because of every practice video or photo I see of the running backs includes him working with Bush, McCoy, Pettaway, Crawford, etc. We may not see him in the offensive backfield, but I look for him on special teams.

Brady got a lot of accolades last season from Holgorsen for his work in helping the starters prepare for an opponent. He will be a valuable asset on the scout team by helping the defense prepare for upcoming opponents.

Knowing that as many as 17 WV born players have the potential to see the field this season is exciting. If you can go to a game or two and cheer these boys on it would be great. They are playing not only for themselves, but also for you and their home state. Show them you appreciate their effort.


Photo by Zimbio.com

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