WVU Football – We Are Back For Another Season

If you are a fan of WVU football, I can only hope you are as excited as I am about the upcoming 2017 season.

During much of Dana Holgorsen’s tenure as WVU’s head football coach we have seen a team that had a non-existing punt return game. Mountaineer punt returners were nothing more than sacrificial lambs to opponents.

Two things I want to see this season are WVU punt returners actually having the opportunity to catch and return the ball without defenders being in their face, and Coach Holgorsen leaving the play calling up to his new offensive coordinator, Jake Spatival. How often has Dana admitted that he called a bad play inside the 20 because he was mad?

I really like Spavital as a coach, and I believe he is and will continue to be an asset to the football team.

Coach Holgorsen seems to have assembled one of the best group of coaches he has had since coming to Morgantown.

There are a lot of questions about this team going into the 2017 season: How good are the corners and the defensive line? Everyone knows there is lots of talent at line-backer and safety. On the offense the biggest question is the offensive-line, and does it have enough depth to go the season?

With all these questions about this team many are predicting WVU to win only 6 or 7 games. But here is the deal: No one has seen this team take a snap in a game. If WVU can survive VT, which I believe they will, then they can take the VT game and the next 4-games to really build and develop the corners, as well as the defensive and offensive lines.

This team as a whole has a lot of potential. The offensive backfield is loaded for bear, starting with the quarterbacks: Will Grier and Chris Chugunov. With Grier and Chugs both being pro-style QBs it makes it a lot easier on the OL when it comes to blocking.

Last year when it was Skyler Howard and Chugs it was tougher blocking for Howard as he was more of a threat running the ball. I’m not saying Grier or Chugs won’t tuck the ball and run with it, for they will. Just don’t look for Spatival to call many running plays for them by design.

The first 5-games would be a good time for Chugs to get game experience, which is something he really doesn’t have. Anytime the team carries a big lead going into the fourth quarter Chugs should go in and just be told to run the offense.

WVU has either the best or one of the best running-back and receiving groups in college football. The talent and diversity of these guys will offer any defense a major challenge. If tight-ends are used as we are told they will be, this adds yet another dimension to the offense that teams have to defend.

Just the potenial of this team has me excited. I like what I am hearing and seeing. I can see WVU winning 10 or more games.



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