WVU Finishes Season 10 – 3

All day at work people asked me if I thought WVU would beat Miami. My response was, ‘it depends on how well WVU QB, Skyler Howard plays, and Howard has to complete over 60% of his passes. Though Howard completed 17 of 26 passes for 65%, he didn’t play all that well. He missed what should have been a couple of easy throws – including a pass that was short to a wide open Daikiel Shorts.

There were 2 plays back-to-back in the 1st half that the entire offense looked as though they didn’t know what was going on. It was as though they had heard a referee whistle, but there was none.

WR Shelton Gibson also had a bad game. He had 2 motion penalties during one series. I have no clue what Gibson was thinking when he went to take a knee in the endzone and then decided to try and bring it out. He was tackled inside the 10.

The defense? I am not sure where it went after the 1st quarter. After the 1st qtr the defense could not stop the Miami’s swing passes, and Miami receivers ate WVU’s defense alive. I kept hoping the DAWGs would move up to stop these passes, but it never happened.

This was a team loss much like the Oklahoma fiasco. Miami got into the heads of the WVU players and the Mountaineer players stopped executing.

I thought WVU came out with too many run plays, and not enough middle slant routes to Daikiel Shorts.

Way too often WVU’s offense stopped itself with penalties. The offense seemed sluggish with no or little tempo. If you were like me, you kept wondering if and when WVU would go to a hurry up offense to tire the Hurricanes, but it never happened.

In this game I really felt that Skyler Howard had a problem seeing over and around the tall defensive linemen of Miami. Howard is listed at 6’0″, but I think he is closer to 5’10” than 6’. He will never be an NFL QB, but I still think he could a pro RB.

There was definitely something amiss with the EERs this evening on offense and defense. The offense showed up for 1 series in the 1st qtr, and the defense disappeared after the 1st qtr.

My hat goes off to both punter Billy Kenny and kicker Mike Molina, for both played well. I think Kenny’s 63 yard punt was his longest of the season.

WVU had a good season, but I look for a much better and more competitive team with a much better passing game next season. I also expect an even a better defense next season. There are several reasons for this. The biggest reason is that either Chris Chugunov or Will Grier will be the starting QB, which means a much better passing game. Then there is the return of 6’4″ David Sills, who is back as a WR rather than QB. Hopefully, we’ll see a much improved 6’4″ TE Tevon Wesco. There are many other reasons as well. My biggest concern on offense going into the 2017 season is the OL. Hopefully they will be bigger and stronger.

I look for an improved defense, especially with the return of safety Travon Askew-Henry. I look for the DL to be much better, because it should be bigger. WVU should also be set at LB. My primary concern is the CBs.

Look for Billy Kenny and Mike Molina to hold down the kicking game.

Better Luck next year, guys!

Go EERs!

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